More Studies in Contour Drawing

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Hi steemians sharing with you some more contour studies I have done. The photo quality isn't great because the pencil lines were so faint I had to adjust the photo settings to make them more visible.

As I mentioned in my previous post the importance of contour, it is just as important to practice vigorously in order to improve. Contour drawing will help with your mind to pencil connection. Your eye will follow the object's contour almost like the sense of touch and transfer this to your pencil on paper. It will help improve your accuracy in drawing lines, give drawings more depth and dimension.

Some of the drawings I did without looking at the paper even once but some of them I looked when I remembered I had to look when you have to lift the pencil of the page to start a new line. The drawings don't look great but it is the practice that is more important for future drawings.

Self-portrait looking in the mirror.

Pencil sharpener

Chicken drumsticks

Another self portrait you can see here I didn't look at the page when drawing the glasses which made them far of from where they should be.

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Thanks for reading the post and give the exercise a go it's harder than it looks!


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Contour drawing really can help the hands acquire good self expression in art :) I like these, @iansart :)

Thanks :)