Relax - Every BTC bull market cycle took roughly 9 months, this is not the end

in bitcoin •  6 months ago 

In case you need some reminding...

Everyone seems to be getting a littler jittery out there, I guess 35% corrections will do that to you...

However, this isn't unprecedented.

Bitcoin routinely has 30-40% corrections, nothing new there.

These cycles tend to last around 9 months after they make a new all time high and we are only 5 months into the current one.

Check it out:



Based on what we have seen historically, the next 4 months should be the most violent yet.

The bottom may not be today or tomorrow, or even this week.

The point is that we should be significantly higher at some point over the next 4 months.

The cock is ticking at this point, and bitcoin is due to start going up a lot and relatively soon.

I bought this dip, did you?

Stay informed my friends.


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I agree, but I'm not sure if you are right that the cock is ticking, or the clock is ticking hh

Freudian slip!

Oops! :)

Haha nice catch!