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Regarding the recently posted Steem Consensus Witness Statement: Code Updated we like to make the following statement.

It's basicly the same statement we made on 1/18/2019 here.

Any Hard (or Soft fork) that proposes to fork out any account or limit the actions of an account on the Steem blockchain we will oppose now and in the future and anyone on the Steem blockchain should be able to do with their stake whatever they want.

We would have liked to have seen more communications and talks between Witnesses, Steemit Inc. and the TRON foundation.

End of statement.

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Thank you for your statement @blockbrothers. Although i do support the soft fork, i applaud you for making your position clear.

PLEASE investigate the Matrix-8 Multi-Level Governance Platform to be, as a potential system of governance for Steem. You can begin to find out about it here:


We would have liked to have seen more communications and talks between Witnesses, Steemit Inc. and the TRON foundation.

yap it is hard in this day and age, pigeons get lost, messingers robbed and killed, and smoke signals can't be seen very far.

You tried sending a pigeon to Tron foundation?

Just voted your witness account.
Your integrity is appreciated

Clear and to the point- perfect.

I am 99% certain I already voted for you. If not, I'll remedy it.

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voted for you, I support you

Thanks, much appreciated!

You're the only witness on my list.

They aren't the only one not running the fork. Perhaps if you voted for more witnesses, and other users did the same, the soft fork wouldn't even be active.

I'm not telling you what to do with your stake. It's yours.
Decisions as well.

Maybe you should be telling others to use their stake to participate in the consensus voting. Maybe if you did that you would have witnesses that are more aligned with your views in the top. Maybe.

I believe there is an equitable solution to this problem, and I encourage you to consider it.

I further reckon time is of the essence in the matter, and actionable harm continues to occur by the second.

Thanks for standing up for what you think is right.

Interesante el trabajo que estas elaborando

Thanks for update, you are on my witness list as has been for some time... Hopefully decisions made going forward will be discussed before implementation.

so the witnesses should be able to run whatever software they want then too, not like you have any authority over them.

Voted for you years ago and still support you. Thanks for doing what you do an all the support for the community.

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