Boomerang Update - HF20 Issues - Forced break due to voting power caused by HF20

in boomerang •  5 years ago 

Dear Customers and Delegators,

due to the HF20 update, we are forced, like most of the bid bots on a 5 day holiday. We will refund your money automatically, but please don't send any bids as it puts a stress on the system.

We will make another announcement when we will back online.

Last week there have other issues with the Steem nodes. We refunded the ones who did not get a vote. If there are still no refunds present, please let us know with a comment.

Thank you for your understanding. See you in 5 days or maybe even less.


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Welcome to You Deserve

I hope that you will invite friends to help the novices in the community. Hand in Hand towards the Imam, all greetings

Please refund my 15 steem since you gave a 5 steem worth upvote... I'm loosing steem. Correct this issue or refund my steem

Please refund my 25 Steem.

Well, nice try. We shall not forget this is a blockchain where all transactions are recorded. You did not transfer 25 Steem to boomerang in your lifetime from this account. This are all your transactions:

Well that was shady.

Well, I think you got to admit that there are much worse things happening on this blockchain. And in general in the crypto world.

I'm still dreaming so.Would it be all right after 5 days?

Yes, after 5 days everything shall be back to normal.

Back to normal? Can bidbots still operate normally in light of new RC restrictions? All those tx must put a real strain on RC mana doesnt it? (Hoping u say nothing changes, and that its not a problem)

We are now back. Still need to check how it behaves.

I pray all things got better soon

Thank you.

Hi, sorry to bother you on your post. I think your bot made an error with my account. I transferred two payment of 5 steem each but did not receive any upvote. I did receive one refund, but I should have received two refunds. Please investigate. Here is a screenshot of my wallet and the link of my post.

Hello @mellofello, we will look into that, the one refund was done. Let us check the second and we will be back to you.

Checked and refunded. Sorry for the delay. :)


Nice writing keep it up

Hallo sir please my post vote for steem send me please sir my post vote

You are getting your steem back because you are not putting the post link in the memo field


When you transfer from your wallet you need to put your post link in this field


I not
please sir reply back memo ?

Memo name please

Memo address

The memo address is your post link!

OK....thank you so much