@boomerang Update - maximum age for upvote link is now 2.5 days

in boomerang •  5 years ago  (edited)

Dear @boomerang users,

due to the fact that some of the @boomerang's customers have been targeted by flags without any reason, we decided to change the maximum vote on posts age.

@boomerang accepts now only links which are 2.5 days or less. @boomerang is to be seen as a promotional tool not as a profit generator for bidders.

The bidders are fully responsible for their content. @boomerang encourages to use the bot only on quality posts not spam done for profit purposes.

@boomerang was the first bid bot to use a blacklist in collaboration with @steemcleaners as it wants to keep Steemit clean. More filters will be added so that good content prevails and spam/plagiarism is combated.

@boomerang does not agree with any form of bullying on and off the platform. Blackmailing and extortion is also a no go for @boomerang. The users that have been flagged are encouraged to contact the flagger directly as he is fully responsible for the flag.

Best Regards,

@boomerang team

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Hallo sir please my post vote for steem send me please sir my post vote