Experiencing a Catula Movement, when cat gives you a sharp bite

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Cats can bite well, and have sharp pointed teeth. This is an account of my experience of receiving such a sharp cat bite.


My second cat, Mochu was a difficult cat to pick up and take, at most he could only be touched. He makes fearsome noises and high cat decibel screeches when anxious or maybe this was his strategy to unnerve others including cat Garu so he could be left alone. There was a time when he screeched in retaliation just because I lifted him up and escaped by scratching me, now he accepts when I pick him up to an extent, still his denial sounds are damn screechy. So, I never had the nerve to shut this cat in its carrier and take it to the doctor to have it vaccinated.

However, slowly I trained the cat to go into the carrier over time, by keeping inside wet food and tried locking him, it was fine, I unlocked him before he finished his food so it remained ignorant of my long term motives in doing this locking exercise. One day I locked it, to take it to the vet for vaccination, along with my cat Garu. However, the way Mochu screeched people came out to check what was the matter. Eventually, I was shaky and discomforted with this cat Mochu embarrassing me bringing attention of people with it’s super cat screeches, so I put him inside my house, unlocked the carrier and vanished to vaccinate at least cat Garu. So, my first attempt in getting Mochu vaccinated was an utter disaster!!


Cat Mochu is known to assert its right with its noises. There was one more time I locked Mochu in another carrier which opens from the top, but he demanded and screamed so much, that I let him free. Eventually, I abandoned that carrier because its gate did not lock in fast, it was not possible for me to lock cat Mochu without a firm fixed gate.

Anyway, I eventually recovered from the incident and summoned up my nerves to try have this cat Mochu again vaccinated, this time by calling home a vet. This proved challenging as well, because the vet did not confirm when he would arrive, and he gave a time but arrived 40-50 minutes late. I had succeeded in luring Mochu into the carrier with wet food, but he was in there locked for more than 40 minutes, thanks to the delay by that doctor.


Meanwhile, my cat Garu looked after cat Mochu in this interval, sympathising with the locked and unhappy cat Mochu.


When the vet came, Mochu was to be taken into a closed enclosure which was my balcony. However, in my anxiety I forgot to note that my cat Garu had left my balcony window open, including a little slidable door that was put to cover an opening where an old AC was fixed!!


My cats know how to open slidable windows of my house, that needs to be pulled back by its hand paws. Those braths!!

Cat Mochu awkwardly jumped to the opening in the window to escape from the balcony. Mochu, got stuck on the window grill as the doctor was pulling Mochu from behind catching hold of its hind legs and told me to calm Mochu from the other side.


Mochu, I could see was struggling to escape, and was swimming on the window grill, while doctor tried to pull him up from the back side.

I got disoriented because my Mom was bleeding, Mochu had slightly bitten her when she tried to close the window. I tried to calm Mochu and he fixed his teeth on my hand.


Gosh!! , it was a Catula, it pained!!


In the pain I left the doctor to do what he would do with the cat, but noticed when I went into the Balcony that Mochu was on the edge of the netted Balcony and it was administered an injection.

Doctor told that he made a mistake of coming alone, when he saw us become victims of this cat bite incident. Mochu meanwhile vanished!! Later we found, it urinated on a bag, which it never generally does, though when he came to us on June 2018, he did go urine rarely at some bag cover, but he always never does go toilet anywhere else other than his cat litter

Post this, there was some agony. Should I put rabbies vaccination? . I had taken the call not to do it, because Vet said that Mochu is not a rabbid cat. He has been at home for more than 1 and a half years, if he had rabbies within 3 months it should show, maximum a year. After the rabbies symptoms show, cat dies within 10 days. Mochu in no angel looked like a cat who would die any time soon, so I did not take the rabbies injection. I washed my hands, and got it cleaned and took a tetanus shot. I had pain and inflammation, so was given dosages of pain killer and antibiotics. First two days swelling was bad and pain too, 3rd day, pain left and 5 days later swelling disappeared.

I have to give cat Mochu booster vaccination shot, and thinking of walking him to the nearby clinic for it, no more home doctors who won’t arrive at the right time, making both me and the caged cat anxious.

On hindsight, its a good idea to buy cut resistant gloves to handle these pets. I am going to do that.

In all this, at least we succeeded in giving Mochu its first vaccination!! …


And...Mochu is alive and so are we, no rabies to cat Mochu, me and my Mom, that’s great too!!

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It’s quite the adventure you had there just to get the cats vaccinated. I enjoyed reading the story and seeing the photos.

!CATtip 75

Thankyou, so much @Saboin, for reading and visiting!!!

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