My cat has a heart of BTC , a upgraded one than gold

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My cat Garu has a very good nature, so I have many times mentioned that he has a heart of gold, but yesterday, I analysed its crypto Bitcoin horescope, and boy, that cat actually has a heart of Bitcoin(: , and hence forth I would like to give Garu a crypto identity, Bitcat , like Top Cat.


Garuji was adopted by accident (as we were not ready to have any cat at home yet) on March 17, 2017 and the price of BTC that time was - 1012$ about 2 and a half years ago, then I checked how the price turned out after this period.

Basically prices kept going up daily and a peak was reached in 11 June 2017 of - $2976, so Garu came into my life bang that time when BTC was warming up for a bull run!!


Those days, I knew nothing much about BTC, and did not know about these crypto exchanges, and prices charts and graphs, it would have overwhelmed me, as would have BTC price action. I didn't even know the reason BTC was going up, much later I heard it was because BTC futures was introduced, I think that was the cash settled CME futures.

Post that peak, BTC corrected to 1825$ on July 16 and kept going up till September where it reached a peak of 4938$ and then corrected to 3277 $ on September 13th and went up till 19,630 on Dec 15th, it was crazy!!


The only connection I had in all of this rally was that I was being paid in BTC those days, and I think on May one payment got stuck in BTC blockchain for months. I was going nuts, but I researched and understood that my BTC salary payment is stuck inside BTC’s blockchain as no miner has approved that transaction as the mining fees were not attracting him/her. I did not know much about the proof of work concept by which BTC works then as well ):… I just waited and post 3-4 months my salary came, much appreciated in value around August.

But I did not invest in BTC, as I earn less and I used to allocate small amounts to to invest in Mutual Funds, can’t change my habits so soon, especially when you have to take time to do research and invest. Those days, I did not even know that one should own one’s private keys, about Binance exchange, crypto wallets, they were so new to me and I could not make time for research as well. I missed out on the rally completely.

However, much of the appreciated BTC money I got I spent on Garu’s treatment.


Garu was suffering from mite problems caused by a mite called scabies which was feasting and living underneath my dear innocent cat’s actually growing kitten’s flesh!! Every week, Garu needed to be injected with an injection to kill those damn mites. However, I gifted myself a new decent smart phone with the BTC proceeds and I am still using the same phone!!

By this time, a flaw of BTC network was exposed, as BTC transactions were in que and fees to send BTC payments increased, BTC network faced a scalability issue as the network could not process a lot payment transactions , the network was congested with unprocessed BTC transaction. As a payment mechanism, BTC did not well work well, it must have been disappointing as BTC transactions became slow and costly.

At the same time period, so many alt coins came up and ETH was a unique blockchain network that had smart contact ability. I still admire ETH’s founder Vitalik Buterin, who was a 19 year old kid, when he wrote the whitepaper of Ethereum. Much can be said about this skinny German genius, maybe another time.

My second cat Mochu came when BTC was correcting further as it was already in the midst of a bear market on May 23, 2018 when BTC was priced at a range of 8000 $, complete change of scenario from rising BTC, but the bitcoin bubble was not fully burst. BTC was still rising to it’s resistance levels of 9800 $ and was having support at above 6000$ levels and was dilly dallying in this range.



Finally, BTC went downward and the day it reached its 3000$ levels was a horrible day for crypto enthusiasts, as there was a bitcoin hashtag war in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community. BCH crypto got split into two factions, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC and I think BCH ABC won the hash tag war as they mined more BCH but I don’t know the indepth story but it was really ugly, no one liked these splits and nasty fights in the crypto world.




Another thing, is that I need to maintain Garu cat’s vaccination card without losing it. I lost its first vaccination card, and doctors found it inconvenient. Based on this record only, doctors do vaccination again.


I would prefer to have Garu’s health and vaccination records, recorded into blockchain where data won’t be lost, instead of maintaining this card, this feels so kind of outdated, seriously!!!

It turns out on October 16th, I have completed one year being on Steemit blockchain, that time it was a dooming bear market for crypto currency.

I end this post by saying again that Garuji has a heart of BTC(: , not mere gold, and it turns out my cat and me have similar qualities and I think he would love BTC and crypto like me because I find it exciting and fascinating.

I have lost quite some money trading stupidly in cryptos and entered one ICO(BDAQ) that took my money and went, but still I am a crypto enthusiast and I guess also a blockchain enthusiast.

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A cat with a heart of Bitcoin. I like that.

Yeah. I lost a lot of money in crypto, not knowing what I was doing. I think I know better now. Time will tell. Even with Steem, I'm changing some of my ways because I'm learning. I joined Steem in February of 2018, but I only became active a few months ago.

I hope my cats have hearts of Bitcoin, too! Hehe!

!CATtip 50

Thankyou @saboin!! ...yup he is my Bitcat with a heart of bitcoin(:

Hi! Garu has been a great companion in your life 😺

What platform do you use to keep track of your kitten's vaccinations?

Alas!! , I have just its health report card to know about its health. Garu is almost like my child actually!! ... sometimes he is a soft doll with a mind of its own, he can be a ton of fun!!

he can be a ton of fun!!

I'm sure he is 😄

@saboin is sending you a tip of 50CAT