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123.jpgReading this post may take you more than 5 minutes, but it is in my humble opinion my most important publication this year.

And at the same time it is my last post in 2018. So as a Christmas gift all I want is a few minutes of your time and attention.

That's all I'm asking for.



I remember quite well, how year ago for the first time I've learned about the current tragic situation of Venezuela. Naturally, I felt sorry for them the way I feel sorry for many others, who suffer on a daily basis. But like everyone else I kept on living my own life, knowing that there is very little (or nothing) I could do to help anyone. All I knew, Venezuela has been so far away and those are not even "our people". Different culture, different language, different everything.

And the truth is, if we cannot relate ourselves to others, nor can we find similarities with their lives to ours then we will never really care much. It is an unfortunate and flawed characteristics that we as humans seem to have. Simply because it is very hard to "be on the same page" which makes it very hard to sympathize with those struggling. So we end up getting used to it, fully aware that even if we would like to help then it may not be technically possible.



With Venezuela, it all seems to be so very different. At least from my perspective.

After all I've met so many of them here on Steemit.

And I see their population as a "pioneers" when it comes to the adoption of crypto as a form of payments. And perhaps also their strong presence on Steemit is what attracted my attention.

It didn't take me long to realize, how many of those people used to have decent jobs, quite often in IT sector. With solid degrees, speaking decent English, having often high education and work ethic that is very similar to the one in western cultures. If you add their motivation and determination, you may start seeing so many similarities to us. At least I start seeing them.

Venezuela used to be one of the richest and prosperous countries in the entire south and central america. Not that long time ago really. So what happened to them? Without getting deeply into politics, Venezuela suffered so-called "power vacuum" which resulted in establishing the current administration.

Soon after that took place, their entire economy collapsed and hyperinflation hit the roof leaving millions without means to live a decent life. Creating a situation where keeping earned money doesn't have sense, because they lose value faster than anyone can imagine. Lack of food, medical supplies and basic necessities became an every day struggle.

VENEZUELIANS here on Steemit


Learning about the roots of their country problems made me realize, that a similar scenario could actually happened to many western countries.

After all, didn't we just lately experience similar issues in Greece?

So getting to know several Venezuelians here on the Steemit platform only brought me even closer to those people. Why? Because I can relate myself to them. Language is not a huge barrier, work ethic and culture is very similar to our western societies. On top of that most of the time we share similar interests and values.

And most of all - being present here allows me to change some of their lives. Even if only just a little bit. I feel that today I can make some difference and I enjoy that feeling, even if it would only last for a short while and help very few. And I really hope many of you will join me.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Santa Venezuela


(pic source:
That brings me to the point, where I decided to go through all my contact list of people I've met here on Steemit within the past year.

And select those few who are from Venezuela, who I got to know and I've learned to trust them. I will then present a short story of all those few people right below (on top of comment section).

It did cost me some time and effort to learn about them and share their life stories. And I truly can only hope that you (my dear readers) will spare a few minutes of your time and read my publication until the end.

My goal is to support all those few people and hopefully collect some STEEM from everyone's donation, which I will later transfer between them. After all Christmas is coming and obviously I would love us to share our joy with closest and the ones we love. But also I hope we can stop for a second and think of those who used to have a similar life and now they can hardly cook a simple dinner for their closest family.



In my culture, during Christmas dinner we used to have one extra empty sit prepared at the dinner table.

That was a tradition which I quite enjoyed, even if this sit has been always empty.

But it represents something. It shows our willingness to help a stranger in need on that particular night.

The idea was simple: if someone would knock on our door and ask if we could share our food, then we would welcome him into our home and make sure that he isn't lonely, cold and hungry at that particular night. It never really happened, noone ever knocked on our door asking for food. But I still can appreciate beauty coming from this idea.


line2 - Kopia.png

I would like to make it clear from the very beginning. I understand that not everyone is in a position to show financial support. If you can then please transfer as little as 9 STEEM to my account (@crypto.piotr).(in memo please write: SANTA)

Since we're helping 8 people/humans (and a little dog), then this generous donation will allow everyone from the list below to receive some support. I will personally donate up to 50 STEEM but I do not expect similar donations from you guys. (pic source:

Small support of 9 STEEM/SBD will be already greatly appreciated. My hope is that we can help those few Venezuelans start their new year without stress and perhaps celebrate New Year Eve with their families. With a full stomach. We cannot change their life but surely we can make it better. Even if just for a short while.

In any case, if you cannot transfer any funds then please drop some supportive comment and RESTEEM this post, so it would reach a wider audience. Perhaps you can spare several minutes of your valuable time and open profile of each one of those few Venezuelians, follow them and send them your kind wishes. Trust me, showing "human" behavior and reaching out is sometimes all we need to go through hard times.



I fully understand the fact that not everyone reading this post knows me and have a reason to trust in my honest intentions. After all the internet is full of scammers. If you're not feeling comfortable with transferring any support through my profile, then please don't do it. In that case (and since you want to help) please send some STEEM directly to those in need (listed below).

Those who know me already long enough: PLEASE VOUCH FOR ME in the comment section below. This surely will bring more trust, which is obviously needed to organize any sort of support campaign.

IMPORTANT: I would appreciate every comment. I read them all and reply to every single one. But please keep in mind, that I would not like this topic to turn into grounds for political or religious discussions. Neither I would like to talk about migration. Those topics are just too sensitive.

line2 - Kopia.png

Those are 8 HUMANS (and small puppy dog) which we will be supporting.

If you like to read more about them, then please check their stories in my first comment below (comment section).

And this puppy name is "Happy". Apparently I'm his fur-dad! :)

@juanmolina, @hendersonp, @reinaldoverdu, @roronoa07, @fucho80, @jenina619, @jadams2k18, @lanzjoseg


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1) @juanmolina

line2 - Kopia.png

Hi, I'm Juan, a 46-year-old Venezuelan.

I have a beautiful daughter of 14 named Michelle, I love her and she is my inspiration and motivation. And this is my story ...

I'm a Systems Engineer, graduated with honors. In any other part of the world, someone like me, with my qualifications, could have a beautiful house with a beautiful garden, car and all its needs covered.

Currently, this Venezuelan engineer must walk many kilometers daily in the city where I live just to go to work. This makes me burn the few calories I consume due to poor diet, which has led me to lose almost 20kg of my body weight. The soles of my shoes are broken, as are my clothes. But my spirit is intact.

And I am proud that my daughter has new clothes and shoes, she is well nourished and she develops healthy and beautiful.

This is Venezuela. That's how we Venezuelans are. Although things are difficult, we keep fighting every day.


Friend. among Venezuelans we must also help, I hope you visit me and you can see my dynamics of helping other Venezuelans.

Supported friend. Many successes.

Blessings for you, dear brother

Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Blessings for you, dear brother. Thank´s...

Sad to know that even after higher degree you having that kind of issues there @juanmolina. Even after all this you are doing great job as a dad. Don't worry situation will better soon. God bless u both with all happiness.

Happy Christmas ☺

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there is no dishonour in defeat as long as the spirit remains unconquered,

live now

fight tomorrow :) good luck

What a coincidence! My daughter's name is Michelle too. She is 9. God bless you guys! All will be well! I think all is well!

Blessings for you, dear brother

Suerte amigo que si vamos a lograr salir adelante @juanmolina

2) @hendersonp

line2 - Kopia.png

I am Henderson, and I am a young adult whose goals have been truncated (momentarily) due to economic, political and social difficulties that occur in Venezuela.

And this is my story ...

I studied electronic engineering but since I was young I liked the trade so I undertook several projects far from academic life, some projects they were fruitful for several years but when the severe economic crisis came, all the projects declined and disappeared.

In mid-2017 I entered the world of cryptocurrencies [...].

At this moment I feel that the only viable way out is to emigrate since the salaries of professionals in Venezuela do not reach for a week of food and one sees how every day they close businesses with huge losses.

I am currently raising money and planning the migration of my wife and me to Brazil. I am sure that with determination and dedication we will be able to undertake new projects in that country and return to take the path to fulfill our dreams.


I am following you :) Your posts are really nice :)

My dearest friend @crypto.piotr show this post, and I would like to say him sorry for this late response due to my personal problem :) I am back after a long time so I will support as much as I can do for you and those people :)


Personal problem @sourav96roy21? What happened?


Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Thank you very much for the support and prosperous new year for you too

  ·  last year 

You have Capable power, should immigrate.
Because the general trend is not we being able to compete.
If the sovereign is powerful,
sovereign can bring affluent life to the people.
If the sovereign can't do it,
The bitterness is the people,
My home is also oppressed by one big place.
If I have Capable power,
I also would immigrated.

It's like that, my friend, of course, my idea is a planned migration, many compatriots due to the crisis decided to emigrate without any plans and have ended up for weeks on the streets in the countries that have arrived.

I am Electronics & Comm. Engg. too @hendersonp. Good to know that you not gave up. Have you tried freelancing my friend ?

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Hello, flash07 how are you? Well, for some people to emigrate is to surrender, but I do not see it that way. I think that to emigrate is to leave the comfort zone in search of a better future, I have not tried it in the electronic area but I could try, what page could you recommend me?

You can try Upwork. It's the best for electronics area according to me. There are so many other sites too. Like fiverr, people per hour and all.

Also if there is any specific you need to know or want any help, you can reach out to me directly I will help you all the way I can. I am freelancer too, I do Apps, website and designing.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you very much for the information, I'm going to open an account on those pages to see what the process is like, so you say you do not really dedicate yourself to electronics, but rather programming?

At the moment I am doing freelancing in Web, App & Designing. But it is not like I left the Electronics fully I am educating some of my friends in microcontroller as they want to as they want to expand their business in controllers too.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Friend. I know you will achieve it, you deserve it. a big hug your friend @lanzjoseg

Hi teacher how are you, thank you very much I hope to do it, but the most important thing is to try it, I do not remember where I read a words that were recorded in my era something like this (when you get old, there should not be in your thoughts the words "what would have happened if I had tried" )

3) @reinaldoverdu

line2 - Kopia.png

I'm Reinaldo and today I would like to tell you about life in Venezuela ...

Life on Venezuela is hard when you dont have family, partner, soons, or wife; and your unique income comes from steemit. Majority of us are sick, our public services fail, and the normal monthly income is just sufficient to buy 2kg of onions.

I have 5 years that i cant pay a ticket to go to a cinema to see a new movie, because i invest all my money on food. I dont have internet from 5 months ago, due to thieves stole some optic wires , so i have to keep posting on steemit using my phone.

Our country have hiperinflaction. This means that you buy 1 kg of onion on the morning at 4$ and 2 hours later the price is 6 $. To have an idea actually the food for 1 day costs near 25 steems, and the xmas dinner is near 70 steems for 1 person, including only the basi

We need your help and you have the power to make a difference.


Friend. reinaldo you know that your letter I admire you and from my side all the help can provide you with me, where you eat two also eat three.
I like the example of the empty chair, I will adopt that culture but I will take it to another level I will look for someone who does not have to eat and I will take it to my home, I regret that you do not live in my city. You were the first guest, it would not be much but I would love to share with you in my family.

Indeed if i have money or a stable economic situation i will do the se. All of you knows that i help the poors.
But thanks for your words, maybe someday we can share a xmas dinner, believe i want to share with you and have long chats. Peace teacher.

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My dear reinaldo that this small vote will serve as support, I know your problems, do not count them every time the internet allows you, I get small heart with them. The friend's table will be very crowded at these parties. I am writing to wish you happy holidays and two hugs for you and your family and you give me one back.

@crypto.piotr, piotr that table will be full with these beautiful people that you chose to support, I know several and know that you will appreciate this beautiful gesture, you are very kind

Mi querido reinaldo que este pequeño voto te sirva de apoyo, conozco tus problemas, no los cuentas cada vez que el internet te permite, se me pone chiquito el corazón con ellos. La mesa del amigo va a estar muy llena en estas fiestas. Te escribo para desearte felices fiestas y dos abrazos para ti y tu familia y me devuelves uno.

@crypto.piotr esa mesa va a estar full con estas hermosas personas que escogiste para apoyar, conozco a varias y se que sabran agradecer este hermoso gesto, eres muy amable

Thankyou very much @sacra97, Piotr are doing and awesome work. I know many of us would have with this help a good dinner, but xmas is tomorrow and thoe earnings would be recibed next week, so i think i would celebrate xmas next week, and no tomorrow.
Anything, thankyou veryuch for your constant support :)

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Mirando la navidad como pajarito en rama. @reinaldoverdu

Looking at Christmas as little bird on branch

A thousand Venezuelan blessings

Don't worry your steemit family will help you all the way @reinaldoverdu. God bless you.

Happy Christmas 🙂

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I hope all of you can do. I s christmas day and i dont have any food tp eat(pr celebrate) , i am going to the streets now trying to find if someone give me a loan or someting to eat tonight.
My best wishes, thanks for you awesome words and supporr.
xmas day 7am

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Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Thanks @straighttalk, i wish you enjoy these holidays with peace and harmony

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4) @roronoa07

line2 - Kopia.png

My name is Richart, I am 21 years old and recently graduated in Business Administration. Let me share my story with you ...

Despite the difficulties to get a job based on my degree (currently work in a bakery) and earn a salary that many classify as a mockery, I am proud to be Venezuelan.

Despite the economic and social crisis we are suffering, I chose to stay for many reasons. I want to help create a country where my family and friends can make their dreams come true, a country to which all the people we have lost can return and do not have to think about leaving again.

I think that with good actions and a great willingness to help others we can change things little by little around us.

You have great thinking at little age @roronoa07. At this age people think about own self and family. But you are thinking about helping others and country. God bless you with great sucess.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you very much for your kind words @lanzjoseg

From a very young age I was taught that it is more rewarding to give than to receive and I always try to infect others with that feeling (although it is difficult hehehe).

Thank you for your blessings and may everything you wish for me be multiplied.

Friend. I agree with you, and I share that hope I feel that all of us who are of your thinking must unite our strength and hope to get ahead

That's right @flash07!!

Only united and with a lot of faith can we overcome these difficult times.

Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Merry Christmas @straighttalk!!!

I hope that this new year will be much more prosperous for everyone :)

5) Pastor Euclides - @fucho80

line2 - Kopia.png

My name is Euclides Villegas, I'm from a small city called Uracoa in Venezuela and I'm a pastor.

And this is my story ...

I have a beautiful family I am married to a wonderful woman with whom I have three children, I have been a pastor of an Evangelical Church for four years. I work with the young people and I have many projects for the youth, but the crisis and the limited resources prevent me from moving forward as I would like to.

The crisis situation that crosses my country has us struggling every day to try to get the most basic foods. Situation of extreme shortages and a hyperinflation consumes all Venezuelan salaries. It has caused the greatest migration crisis in my country that is leading our brothers to leave their land in search of food, medicine and wages that allow them to live.

Even so, we are fighting not to leave our country. I am a man with a backpack of dreams on his back

Pastor Euclides

You have such a nice family my friend. Hope this new year will be great for you & your family.

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Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Friend. When one does things well, good things happen, and in the name of God, I bless you and send you my respects. I know that everyone will be better when one is obedient to the word of God.

6) @jenina619

line2 - Kopia.png

Comment by @crypto.piotr:

I didn't even know @jenina619 a month ago. But her heart and "positive energy" blew my mind completely that one particular day.

What did happen that day? Wanna know? :)

Imagine waking up, switching your laptop on and signing in to your Steemit account. And moments later you would come accross someone, who made a drawing of you and your partner and your little puppy (or without). Wouldn't you be ... at least shocked? :)

You can check out my her other drawings, which definetly made me smile:

Personally I still cannot get over the fact, that some people out there are just so kind. Steemit is seriously place one of a kind. With so many amazing Steemians out there. LOVE IT!

Hello, I was also impressed and I wrote saying that I congratulate her for that gift she has, she draws very beautiful. since that day I follow her and always visit her to see her wonderful work.

That drawing he made of Crypto.Piotr @ crypto.piotr and his wife I liked a lot

Muchas gracias por tus palabras amigo!😊 I'm so happy you enjoy my cartoons!!!👍😀

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Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

@jenina619 has been pretty epic since joining steemit her art and smile light up my feed. Happy to help where I can

Many thanks my friend your words and support makes me so happy !!! :D

I also show that painting and it was amazing. You are really great artist @jenina619. Later I started to follow her post and every painting she draw is amazing. I wish you great future @jenina619.

Posted using Partiko Android

Awww Thank you so much my friend😊 I'm wishing you all the best!

Posted using Partiko Android

Many thanks for you support to me and my people Piotr!!! Your kindness made me cry :-) You're great! I'm proud of having your friendship :'-) and happy that my drawing made you smile that's my goal :D

Please don't cry @jenina619 :)


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  ·  last year 

I have seen his paintings.
Really great painting.
Especially the fat he painted her own - my country is called Futai painting.
And like Crypto.Piotr painted like a British gentleman.
Very characteristic painting,
She already has her own style,
If she is a painter,
Presumably quite famous.

Hi!! Thanks so much for appreciating I'm not a professional painter and definitely not famous LOL🤣 I have little time doing drawings and cartoons at Steemit I joined few months ago😁 That drawing is not me, maybe I painted the lady exaggerating a bit chubby cheecks since it's a Cartoon, that has to make you smile😀

  ·  last year 

Big laughs Three time


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Hahaha already following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

aaaahaahh Ho Ho Ho!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!! and hope 2019 brings all the joy your way and to every steemian here! ;D

7) @jadams2k18

line2 - Kopia.png

I'm Jose. I am from a warm and very friendly country called Venezuela and this is the story I want to share with you today ...

Even though it is a country that has everything (natural resources, oil, cheap electricity, precious metals, etc) and excellent weather, it is the first time that we have experienced such a hard economic situation, if not terrible.

Every day it is more difficult to survive. Many of my friends have left the country already. I live with my mother, my brother, my sister, and my niece.

Thanks God, I knew the world of cryptocurrencies and a platform that has been my support during 2018, called Steemit. Even though cryptocurrencies have fallen, they still continue to serve as sustenance, thanks God.

Through Steemit, I have met many people from different countries, many of whom had a great impact on my life.


@jadams2k18 Good to know about you my friend. I must say you are such a great writer and you can explore more in that field. What you do for living ? I mean in work.

Posted using Partiko Android

Ah, I get to see you finally @jadams2k18 a.k.a Jose! :) God bless you and may his lovely sustenance continue! :)

Hi! Mr. @oivas, finally meet you . Thanks for passing by and God bless you too

Happy Holidays!

Same; already following you Sir!... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Hello Mr. @straighttalk, thank you for following

Happy Holidays!

Friend is right, steemit and all the people we have met have a great impact on our lives because of their solidarity with us.

8) @lanzjoseg

line2 - Kopia.png

My name is José, and I was born and live in Venezuela.

A beautiful country that is currently going through a terrible situation.

My wife's name is Carmen, both she and I are professors at the UDO university. From the first day I saw her, I fell in love with her, it cost me a lot to conquer her, because both of us were just waiting to prepare for the future. We got married and we graduated together.

I'm a professor at the university and my monthly salary is 8 dollars a month. So I worked as a taxi, to sell vegetables, as an assistant in repair of air conditioners, giving private classes, and really any other work that I can do.

We try to raise and give education to our two daughters. We always tell them that the best inheritance we will leave them is that they are girls with a good education and so that they can face any adversity that life presents.

I have a family that I must keep fighting for and I will always continue.


As not to support your beautiful family and with the best idea of ​​what it is to create in the future, education is the only thing that we can leave more valuable than money. I know you my dear @lanzjoseg and I know you have and continue fighting not to leave Venezuela, always without losing hope that this change, because you want your daughters to know their Venezuelan heritage. The Venezuelan is a joke, always optimistic, always hardworking and pushed forward. I leave you my small vote, as support and wishing you can have a simple, loving and beautiful Christmas table as a family.

that this small and sincere help offered by the piotr friend multiplies and reaches you for that little family Christmas happiness. In these parties the empty seat of @crypto.piotr will be very full for its good work. My mother said in times of crisis one dresses up to where the blanket gives us. And when my children tell me you can take a lot I tell them, I can give you enough food. A happy holiday my friend Jose, because I know you I can attest to the good person you are, good dedicated university professor and good friend of your students.

In a word you are a spectacular Venezuelan.

Happy holidays and four hugs for you and your family and you give me one back.

Como no apoyar a tu hermosa familia y con la mejor idea de lo que es crear a futuro, la educacion es lo unico que le podemos dejar mas valioso que el dinero. Te conozco mi querido @lanzjoseg y se que has y sigues luchando por no salir de venezuela, siempre sin perder las esperanzas de que esto cambio, porque quieres que tus hijas conozcan su herencia venezolana. El venezolano es echador de broma, siempre optimista, siempre trabajador y echado para adelante. Te dejo mi pequeño voto, como apoyo y deseando que puedas tener una sencilla, amorosa y hermosa mesa de navidad en familia.

que esta pequeña y sincera ayuda que ofrece el amigo piotr se multiplique y te alcance para esa pequeña felicidad navideña familiar. En estas fiestas el asiento vacio de @crypto.piotr se vera muy lleno por su buena labor. Mi mamá decia en tiempos de crisis uno se arropa hasta donde la cobija nos da. Y cuando mis hijos me dicen me puedes echar bastante yo les digo, te puedo echar suficiente comida. Una felices fiestas mis amigo jose, @lanzjoseg porque te conozco puedo dar fe de lo buena persona que eres, buen profesor universitario dedicado y buen amigo de sus alumnos.

En una palabra eres un venezolano espectacular.

felices fiestas y cuatro abrazos para ti y tu familia y me devuelves uno.

I love to see how supportive you are @sacra97

Thank you for your amazing comment. God bless Venezuela,

  ·  last year (edited)

A thousand Venezuelan blessings for your good work

You got such a nice family @lanzjoseg. It's terrible that you are getting only $8 a month. I suggest you do online work there are so many geniune platforms. You can teach online and you will get enough money and if you are really great on what you doing then I am sure you not have to do multiple jobs anymore. Wish you and your family a very great Christmas and new year.

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Following... Merry Christmas & A prosperous New Year 2019!

Hi friend. Thanks for following me, and thanks for the support. Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2019


line2 - Kopia.png

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Happy and I'm a little over a year old maltipoo. My fur-daddy (@crypto.piotr) wanted to add his few cents and decided that my full name will be "Happy Einstein". Till today I don't get it :)

I'm cute and all humans seem to like me a lot. Not many know about my dark past. I was mistreated badly by the evil man from a foreign land. For a few months, he kept me in the cage, feeding occasionally and never cleaning. But I was rescued by mummy and some other brave humans.

Since then my life was all flowers and milk (meaning: life is good). But now my mummy and daddy seem to plan to move to cold Europe. And I don't know much yet, but I figured I may be cold over there.

I know that mummy and daddy (@crypto.piotr) are trying to buy me some winter jacket for Christmas so if you would like to help them get something of good quality (not necessarily made in China :P) then send few STEEM to my daddy and write "Happy" in memo description.

ps. Check out my instagram:

Happy Einstein

Hello, happy I love the name you have, I see that it goes with you, because now you can see that you are happy, and the reason is because of the owners you have, it must be wonderful for you to have the happiness of being with them. You'll see if they can buy that coat. I hope that when you have it, you will be able to report on that.

I love Happy's smile :D has a lot of style and charisma, I hope the jacket fence with his style :P

Dear @Happy sorry to know about your past but I am happy that you are in good hands now. Have a happy life @Happy

Posted using Partiko Android

Happy Xmas to your fur-daddies!

Oh! cutie cutie HAPPY... Its well! You gonna get that jacket! *^#

Happy Xmas

Awwww the most cute dog at Steemit!♥♥♥ I'm happy for you Happy your parents are awesome changing your life and now you're fine and beloved :-) Please post a pic with your new jacket later when you will get that, I'm sure will be a great jacket! Wish you all the best ;D P.S: Honey sends a dog hugh to you arf arf!!!

I am in love with this dog!😍😄 I think he's very charismatic😊 looks like a little boy!⚽️💙

Posted using Partiko Android

big hugs from Happy and Keisha to you @jenina619 :)

Awww both look happy!!😁 That's nice! Thank you🤗 Where are you all move in Europe?! I'm wishing good luck🍀😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Resteemed. 100% support!

Thank you for your support @gank :)

You are welcome!

Several months ago life gave me the opportunity to meet a person who without knowing anything about me, without having even seen me and being separated by thousands of kilometers away, trusted me.
He believed in me.
He helped me.
He did not give me charity, no.
He offered me the opportunity to grow.
That person is @ crypto.piotr.
He is a great guy.

Several days ago, I met this @crypto.piotr, who lives in the same neighborhood as I do here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After chatting for a while, I too realized that he is truly "a great guy."

How lovely!
He's such a man @crypto.piotr with a great & loving heart for others! I am feeling like you met am angel...
Regards always,

Do you know him in person?

He is a grea guy!

Yeah @jadams2k18

We had pleasure to get to know each other few days ago. @majes.tytyty seem to be my neighbour hahahaha :)

Cheers guys

Awesommmeeeee! More like a mini steemfest...


Blessings for you and Piotr he does a great job supporting nice people who grows here!! :-)

Thank´s beauty. God bless you.

Awesome initiative as usual @crypto.piotr. I have sent 9 STEEM to you. I hope this small gesture will be useful to help the people in Venezuela.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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On behalf of all I personally thank you, because it will be well received and well administered.

Thank you, and I hope you have a happy Christmas and a happy year 2019

Thank you @culgin for your never ending support. :)

Dear @culgin

Just a moment ago I've realized that you resteemed my post. Wanted to say thank you for your kind comment and support. THX BIG TIME!

Enjoy your NY celebrations :)


Thanks my friend! And you are welcome! Enjoy your holidays too!

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Greetings cripto, I hope to comment because most of the time I have no credit to do it, your post is wonderful to the point of making me jump the tears, this has been for me a support in these difficult times and I think the strongest has been to see my 20-year-old son go to another country just so he can feed himself with dignity and develop like any other young man of his age. So my first post is about that, thanks to the communities of altruistic people like you I have been able to participate in enriching exchanges, besides enjoying the steemit system that kindly allows me to vote publications I have exchanged comments, this has given me back the pleasant pleasure to give. Thank you for your generous support to my compatriots and let us know their stories. Blessings.

Dear @mariita52

Thank you for your kind comment. I totally appreciate your support and warm words


Dear Piotr you are One of the best users of Steemit and yours post are Always a way to help others.
I know some people from Venezuela from @steem-bounty and i am Happy when i Can Do something for them with my bounties.
Regarding your initiative for help them, i Will Do It when i Will make my investment in crypto within this year, i am Sorry if i cannot Do It for Christmas.
I Wish you Merry Christmas my friend!

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Hi @intellihandling

you are One of the best users of Steemit and yours post are Always a way to help others.

Thank you again for your kind comment and never ending support. I also noticed that you've resteemed my post. Appreciate it big time! :)

i am Sorry if i cannot Do It for Christmas.

Absolutely. Your comment kind words are also a great way of showing support.

Hope you had a great Xmas. Enjoy your NY celebrations :)


Hey , good day, good evening and happy x-mas.
resteemed this post as to show our support.
the empty seat in your table is being reserved for our best friend Mr. Samer the real owner of @red-rose.
our safe is empty, but we will resteem this post to show you our support.

Dear @red-rose

Great to "hear" from you again :) Thx for your kind comment.

is Mr. Samer really my best friend? How come we dont know each other so well yet? :)

I just noticed that on top of supporting our efforts with your comment, you also resteemed my post. I appreciate it a lot.


He is a friend for all steemit members but as we had written to you before in your 1200 steem giveaway that he is in hospital .....please refer to that comment.
He reads most of the time many posts and he is resteeming them freely.

I took time to read thia poat and I must say kidos to you for doing a wonderful job investigating this cause.

As soon as I finish paying my present debt. I will forward the little I can.

Thank you for bringing a wonderful cause to the community's awareness. God bless you abundantly

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Dear @feoluwa88

I believe we didn't have a chance to get to know each other so far. I'm pleased to meet you and very grateful for your kind comment :)

Enjoy your NY celebrations! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @crypto.piotr, during the short time (slightly more than 2 months) that I have been on Steem I came across two Venezuelans in the course of my activities on steem and followed them just for the sake of helping them out. We didn't have any common interest but I thought the least I could do is follow them and offer them support in whatever way I can.

Your idea certainly jives with mine. Some Steem is on the way and I will be following all the 8 Venezuelans you have named.

I really like the empty seats idea. It allows children to imbibe a culture of charity.

In case you do like to follow the two Venezuelans I mentioned above, here are their accounts @aniita and @freddyjimenez.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you very much for your comment @devann

Supporting others whether they are Venezuelans or not, helping someone maybe without realizing it you can change their life and begin to have another outlook on life may even begin to have hope again.

Merry Christmas :)

Thanks for the kind note, @roronoa07. Merry Christmas.

Thankyou very much for your support. Wirh peopke helping us(like you) the world is better and you make a very important diffetence(on many càses beyween life and death), every steem count for us and help to be better. Again o wish ypu a merry xmas and hope maybe o wpuld have one good xmas(with all the help pf you).

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @reinaldoverdu, thanks for your kind words. I am actually very grateful to @crypto.piotr for having given me this opportunity. You should thank him for all the great work he is doing. I am also grateful to the Source for having given me the means to reach out to those in need. Life is a cycle and I have been in the same situation a lot of Venezuelans are in today. During those times I received plenty of unsolicited support from people who hardly knew me. I got to know many good people as a result. That is grace. Likewise your situation today puts you in touch with people whom you would never get in touch with if not for your current situation. That too is grace working its way into your life. So be grateful. Thy will be done. Merry Christmas.

As you said: Life is a cycle. Just as we help others, others will help us. Thank you very much for your support

Merry Christmas!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for the note @jadams2k18. Merry Christmas. Blessings.

Dear @devann

Thank you big time for your kind comment my dear friend.

I just noticed that on top of supporting our efforts with your comment, you also resteemed my post. I appreciate it a lot.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity @crypto.piotr.

Greetings friend, all your words have been expressed as coming from someone who understands our situation in depth, I am very surprised because that speaks very well of how much he has been interested in us. I hope you will be able to collect a lot to help the above mentioned colleagues and from the heart the Venezuelans thank you for this initiative and for your words that describe our situation very well.

Thank you so much for your kind comment @jesusjacr

Hope to see you in 2019 buddy,


I'm interested in hearing the story of the venuzuela venuzuela, your writing makes me interested in learning more about the historical story of Venuzuela.

Leaving one empty bench at the dining table was a good concept, stored in the beautiful philosophy of the idea. Good ...

So, donating 9 STEEM / SBD for this good thing, I might not be able to do it, because I do not have the assets of Steem's assets for affection. but I will still help in other ways.

I don't mind to receive messages from you, as long as I don't say "STOP MESSAGE" to you that means I am still comfortable with the messages you have sent so far.

Hi @crypto.piotr, a few days ago I read a post from @jenina619, I saw him painting you in his painting, who is he? All I know is that he is one of the 8 people you support.

And @jenina619 also tells his writing that you just got married and have to part with your partner because of a problem via. So, from which country did you come from? And from which country does your partner's wife come from?

Hi @sudutpandang

Leaving one empty bench at the dining table was a good concept, stored in the beautiful philosophy of the idea. Good ...

I also enjoyed this concept :)

I don't mind to receive messages from you, as long as I don't say "STOP MESSAGE" to you that means I am still comfortable with the messages you have sent so far.

Thank you. Im not going to spam your wallet with memo. I'm not planning to send more than 1 memo a week

So, from which country did you come from? And from which country does your partner's wife come from?

Im Polish and my wife is Malaysian. So two very different places. Unfortunatelly going through paperwork to obtain valid visa can be a nightmare.

Where're you from if you dont mind me asking?


Thanks @crypto.piotr .. I come from indonesia...

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hope you didn't lose anyone in recent tsunami @sudutpandang

Yes @crypto.piotr ,, I did not lose anyone in that event, because it happened in another area or other province.

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hi @sudutpandang

Are you big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio?

No, I just like the movie "TITANIC".
The film inspired me about love ...

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I only have point something of steem, is it acceptable sir? Your idea to help is good, so I want to help you but since I don't have enough but I already upvoted and resteemed this post and I'm willing to send my small amount of steem if it's okay to you. More power

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Dear @mrnightmare89

I don't think we ever had a chance to get to know each other. Thank you for your supportive and kind comment.

I really apprecia