(2022-11)Steem.vip Development progress

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About steem.vip

steem.vip is a steem wallet(https://vip.steem.vip/).Support STEEM and HIVE chains.


  • Recover pubkey from signature


def get_pubkey(block_num,tx_id,nodes):

    data = {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "condenser_api.get_block", "params": [block_num], "id": 1}
    r = requests.post(url=nodes, json=data)
    rjson = r.json()
    block = rjson["result"]
    index = block['transaction_ids'].index(tx_id)
    tx = block['transactions'][index]
    tx_obj = Signed_Transaction(**tx)
    digest = tx_obj.digest

    #hh = hexlify(digest).decode("ascii")

    signature = tx["signatures"][0]
    sig = unhexlify(signature)
    recover_pubkey_parameter = sig[0] - 4 - 27
    r = int.from_bytes(sig[1:33], "big")
    s = int.from_bytes(sig[33:65], "big")
    Sig = ecdsa.ecdsa.Signature(r, s)
    digest_number = ecdsa.util.string_to_number(digest)
    pubks = Sig.recover_public_keys(digest_number, ecdsa.SECP256k1.generator)
    pk = ecdsa.VerifyingKey.from_public_point(pubks[recover_pubkey_parameter].point, curve=ecdsa.SECP256k1)
    compressed = hexlify(pk.to_string(encoding="compressed")).decode("ascii")

    pubkey = "STM" + gphBase58CheckEncode(compressed)
    return pubkey


  • fix some bugs

关于 steem.vip

steem.vip 是一个steem钱包(https://vip.steem.vip/).目前支持steem和hive链,在steem上的功能要丰富的多。同时支持eth和tron的钱包创建。


  • 修改了区块反查工具,可以从签名中还原公钥。以辨认可疑操作是由谁签名。


  • 修复了一些BUG
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