HoboDAO Contest #16

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HoboDAO Contest #16

Contest Sponsored By:

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Winning Submissions:*

1st Place

What Cryptocurrencies Represent?

Author: @culgin
100% Upvote By @hobo.media / Resteem / 50 INT

Post Sponsor: @project.hope
5000 HBO / 100 INT

2nd Place

Cause and Effect

Author: @edgarare1
100% Upvote By @hobo.media / Resteem / 40 INT

Post Sponsor: @project.hope
3000 HBO / 80 INT

3rd Place

A New Achievement and a Bet for the Future

Author: @pedrobrito2004
100% Upvote By @hobo.media / Resteem / 30 INT

Post Sponsor: @project.hope
2000 HBO / 60 INT

*Any submissions by @hobo.fund do not label @hobo.fund as the sponsor but put the author as the sponsor due to declined sponsor rewards by @hobo.fund.

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1st Place:

Author: 100% Upvote / 50 INT | Sponsor: 5000 HBO/100 INT

2nd Place:

Author: 100% Upvote / 40 INT | Sponsor: 3000 HBO/80 INT

3rd Place:

Author: 100% Upvote / 30 INT | Sponsor: 2000 HBO/60 INT

Contest rewards may vary

How Can I Enter?

You can submit your own work or another author's work by sending 500 HBO to @hobodao with the url (web address) of your Steem post.


Important Information:
Contests require time for Casters to review submissions and select the top 5 submissions that get rewarded. So, unlike bot services, you do not obtain an immediate response. It is important to only submit posts that have 3 days remaining for upvoting. If a post has already been posted longer than 3 days we might not have enough time to reward it. Token payouts might have a brief waiting period.
Hobo tokens (HBO) are used exclusively as consumption tokens for the HoboDAO contest system and should not be viewed as an investment asset or security. Owning Hobo tokens do not entitle the holder of the token to any form of equity, interest, economic benefit or voting rights.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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