MAP Rewarder: Announcement 20 March 2022

in crypto •  5 months ago 

During this past week we have lost one of our top two delegators. It is really time to wind down the MAPR program!

There are now only a handful of delegators that have shown themselves to be paying attention and hence continue to receive weekly rewards - and three of those are under my control! So, I hope you can see that this is no longer worth my time.

In two weeks, on Monday 28 March, the weekly buyback price decrease will hit the 1.10 STEEM value that was set as a new target. We shall pause the price there and that date will also be the last rewards payout.

So, two more payouts on the 21st and 28th March.

After that, it really depends how many MAPR tokens are sold back to the issuer. Once that stops, we will drift the price down to 1.0 STEEM per token.

There is actually no good reason why MAPR should cease functioning, just the lack of active delegators. So I may set a new minimum of 1000 SP for any new delegators. This is high on purpose, so that the program may continue and monitor how the Steem economy may change again in the future.

Thanks to all who have participated. I don't think there are many Steem tokens that have lasted 4 years!

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