Posting on the road in Vegas, - crypto company life

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As many of you know, I work for Embermine, a blockchain company working in the digital creative sphere.

We have been on the road for 2 weeks, first at Sundance film festival, then to LA for follow up and then Vegas for Namescon.

Me and friend

Jordan, Josh, and Mitch at Namescon. We are tired at this point.
Our arbnb - aka cryptocabin

Mitch explaining what domain token is

View of park city for those who've never been

Do good work and forget the rest.
Loving it all.
Universal blessings.

Best regards,

Embermine Inc

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This is so good. Great to spread the word of cryptolove.

It's a pleasure. Education is what is needed in 2018.


@extrospect Everybody want you to take a look on their post when they see you they were all of 'em new on steemit lol btw you're doing great
As a expert can you tell when BTC will rise again and why It controle the cryptocurrency world when it rise other coins rise and when it decline other coins decline too ??

Yes, its great.

I am new in steemit please @extrospect see my post

Agreed, people need to know whats happening in the cryptoverse!

Lol dude be careful :p people can see your voting power haha everyone will try to lure you to vote their post :p @extrospect

Dear @extrospect

Dear @extrospect

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This is great, spreading the word of cryptolove is great, Vegas is a beautiful city with great steemians, hope to visit soon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.37.01 PM.png

Dope! Grapthar is going to send me one of those Embermine shirts you got him. Stoked to rep it

Great to spread the word of cryptolove.
Wonderful place and Thanks for update.

You're really doing brilliant job of blockchain.
And both of you look very nice.

Are you husband wife?
looking so cool gays

We are not 😉

Awesome, I love park city

So many want to get into crypto these days and all the inns are full and doors closed you guys are doing great work :D I m just a new here but when i earn some good amount from here i'll defiantly support such ideas :D Following you for more @mal402 bless you !! keep doing good work take care always :)

Great post! Its nice so see someone getting this exposure to the masses about crypto. Thanks for the update :)

Wow, this is a nice place you visited! Hard work truely pays.


Thanks I like your username

Thanks lol :)

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wow amaxing post really nice sir..looking so nice..


You're doing a amazing work of blockchain..... You and your friend looks nice and the place is beautiful....

that's a good thinking and you doing well done work.
Your thinking are so sharp.
Looking so beautiful to you both.

This is going to be tough to be able to predict the outcome of the market. But one thing am kinda of sure is that they wont put a ban on cryptocurrency. There's going to be lots of attempts at centralized regulations but the specific regulatory guidelines is what I can't say...

So lets hope for the best while hodling on.

Hey @ mal402

Steeming while travelling is fun. I don't travel much but I would like to travel and post about them on Steemit and my blog.

It's best way to share our happiness and make others happy too.

@ mal402...Are you husband wife?
looking so cool gays Lol dude be careful :p people can see your voting power haha everyone will try to lure you to vote their post