NutBox is now 263k SP delegated with high estimated faucet mining return (APY:170%)

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nutbox( received 263k SP delegation since the launch of the platform in October 20, 2020, at 21:00 standard Beijing Time.

Within the first hour of launching of NUTBOX, we have already received 130k SP delegation. Within the same day, we went live with justswap and started our transaction. PNUT distribution at 1.95million. Liquidity at 712k PNUT, around 36.5% of the total distribution. Justifying by PNUT/TRX current exchange rate, return of investment by delegating to reaching 170% APR.


Please support us to build a better ecosystem on Steem, support those great developers and their projects. We can enjoy a long term wealth growth together and get worship as sponsors of the Steem ecosystem together.
If you want to learn more detail, please follow the links below:

Nutbox —— Y Combinator of Steem , is coming soon!

The Nutbox is operating, and the Steem Y era is coming!

Nutbox latest news: the scale of SP delegation pool reached 230K in 24 hours, and the PNUT-TRX trade pair is displayed on Justswap DEX.

contact us

Facebook:@nutbox dao

Please vote for our witness smt-wherein

nutbox(于北京时间2020年10月20日 21:00发布,截止今日获得263K SP代理。

Nutbox上线后,1小时内获得130 K SP代理,一天内社区在justswap上做市交易。PNUT分发数量195万,流动性做市71.2万 PNUT,占据总流通量 36.5%。以PNUT / TRX交易价格计算,目前nutbox.io代理挖矿年华收益率高达 170%。






Facebook:@nutbox dao



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Welcome Nutbox

Today I reviewed information about this new project on Steemit. This project appears to be multifaceted, involving the creation of a dAPP incubator fund on Steemit to encourage dAPP development, along with a DeFi project on Uniswap, called PNUT-TRW, delegations of Steempower to Nutbox.mine get rewards in PNUT and favorable curation from both @nutbox.mine and @wherein

The project sounds very good, as we are always welcoming dAPPS which increase utility on Steem blockchain and increase awareness of the Steem blockchain and potentially raise our token price. It’s also great to earn new tokens in the process.

I have made a delegation of Steempower to @nutbox.mine and I have also gone to JustSwap and purchased PNUT, there after I added both TRX AND PNUT to the Liquidity Pool to further support this project.

I think it’s very important that we support people who create contests, applications or curate. All these things are part of building and helping to sustain a community. We should all be active and supportive citizens.


hey lets follow each other