offer for delegators , now we are on th way to reach the 100 000 SP

in delegation •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemians,

@brotherhood here with an update on our bid bot Brotherhood and few updates detailing the delegation and returns on delegations on our bid bot.

As you know, we started Brotherhood bid bot launched about 24 days ago with an initial Steem Power of 8000 and has now grown up to 48,000 SP in a span of 24 days and we have set ourselves a goal of reaching 100,000 SP by summer and we are well on target of that!!

Brotherhood bot accepts bids in the range of 0.5 SBD to 2 SBD and we are offering 100% returns from the bot earnings and assure of best returns on your bids.


Delegations and Returns on Delegations:

We are still looking for delegations from users in order to achieve our goal of 10,00,000 SP by summer and would like to re-iterate that, we will be offering 95% of the returns from the bot to the delegators, now, that is some good offer to the delegators.

Any questions or clarifications on bid bot or the delegations, reach us on our Discord channel:

Looking forward to grow with you and your delegations and assuring you of best returns whether it's bids or the delegations.


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how is that a 25% return? You give me a $0.46 vote on a $0.50 sbd bid? I will give you the benefit of the doubt right now that you just had a computer malfunction. Please return to me the difference to make the vote reasonable. It should be at least $0.20 or $0.25 sbd to make it right. Please refund.

Good fast response... Thank you very much for that quick reply and making it right @brotherhood!

@brotherhood is it the best time to buy some SBD?

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You didn't return enough... Your bot didn't vote my 2 sbd right. You did return 0.90 sbd, but you still owe me $0.40 sbd to make it right. Please handle and remit the balance, this is my 3rd message to make sure you see it. Thank you.

I want to make a note that these guys did the right thing and did a proper refund... I am very impressed with their service and think it is great!

Awesome customer service, highly recommend!

Please upvote me if ypu upvote me i will upvote ypur all post . Please be kind. God may bless you.

Hey, i recently started following you and upvoted ur posts.

It will be very helpful for me if you can upvote some posts of mine.

Thank You

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