Did you get a downvote from me?

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If you're getting a small downvote from me and you have no idea what happened, you are likely one of the victims of the recent hacking. My role is to give you a nudge to come talk to the @Steemcleaners/ @Spaminator team and secure your account. I will always do my best to remove the downvote I gave you.

Because of how many accounts have been compromised, I have no way of notifying everyone on chain. If I tried to I would be spamming thousands of comments.

Read these two posts please:

So what happened?

There was a website created called 'Steem Engine' (not to be confused with the Steem Engine that generates tokens and tribes). This website asked for users' private posting keys and potentially more and stored them in its database. This website was either then hacked or misused by its owners.

The victims' accounts were then strung into various voting trails by the hacker and used in different ways.

We have no way of telling if the damage is limited to only posting keys. Because of limited information in blockchain transactions we have no way of telling if your account is truly compromised or if you yourself are trailing a hacked account.

This is where I come in. My job is to make you look. I want your account to be secure. Your account is for you, not for some hacker.

Stay safe!

Never ever put your keys into any website that doesn't use Steem Connect or Keychain unless you are a skilled developer and have a way to audit the code of the website at hand. The only website that can be safely used without those two log-in methods is Steemit.com.

I'm just a bot named after a beloved dog but ...

I am genuinely sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. I've sniffed out many hackers and phishers over the years. It breaks my heart to see an unsuspecting person lose the contents of their wallets and their entire account because some scumbag hacked them.

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Yes I remember the site now. www.steemengine.net, I stopped using it for long now.
But I think I will have to reset my keys.
The website is no longer accessible as I checked few minutes ago.


I reset my keys anyway recently as I had logged into various sites before. Should be safer using Steemconnect and Keychain these days. Just not worth taking risks.


Yes, looks like part of it was taken down today. Good catch.


Downvoted this, to give you a nudge to come to my Discord and talk to my team.

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I downvoted this post to get your attention!! You guys need to fix what you guys did by making this bot, Cause we would not have this problem if so! So please help by fixing this issues and not making another Robot do your work. All you are doing is adding fuel to the fire.

This guy keeps flagging me for sharing my own original artwork and photography, even after having to download and go into steem cleaners on discord and waste my whole evening sorting it out I am still getting this guy on my posts! They are ruining steem.

I think you may be off their list now. They can overreact. Just be sure to make clear what is your own work, especially if it is posted elsewhere.

my main annoyance was them not just asking me politely but just flat out flagging all my comments and posts and calling me a 'mass plagiariser' . Imagine calling someone a rapist before they went on trial! The new steem cleaners isn't what it used to be.

It may be some rogue person reporting stuff. If they have a problem with what they do they should offer solutions. They are flagging some brand new accounts with no reasons given. That is bad for Steem.

You have done some great work for the platform and do not deserve this treatment. Having a link back to Steem from other platforms cannot do any harm. We want others to benefit from it.

I mean no one from the Uk can put hours into posts or do unique steemit posts in This climate either when you get between 30 p and £8 lol we would all be homeless. There has to be a sense of realism.

I agree. I am surprised so many stick with Steem when they make cents, but then many believe it has potential. We don't need Steemcleaners chasing good people away. I have seen some discussion that some people may have been targeted by mistake. They need to be more thorough when they have so much influence.

Of course we have to be vigilant for real abusers, but it should be simple for good Steemians such as yourself to get whitelisted. You don't actually have to download Discord as you can use it on the web.

Thanks for sticking around.

Well there is sticking around and putting in hours into posts I guess in this climate it’s more Maintaince. Yeah I was disappointed rather than just being asked if they were my pics they just went in hRd and accused me and wouldn't let me even reply. I was also disappointed by their Attitude on flagging people with mental illness. Sad

Not on your phone you can’t ?

I saw they also flagged a guy who's brother has a mental illness. This guy who is a big steemit promoter put his brother on there as a way for him to have some social life and maybe connect to people and they won't even listen and say how do we know he's genuine and not just a spammer. This new steem cleaners team are making it worse than fb tbh.

no one on fb gets banned for being mentally unwell and talking incoherently. If people don't like it just don't upvote it. They also told me that my content was low value as images without text. I said thats ridiculous that an iPhone pic of a banana with a paragraph about depression is ok but a piece of artwork and photography that took hours is not? I just personally am more visual than I am a writer, sometimes I write something If I feel called to but if I don't feel anything because I said it all in my work then why does that make it of lower value than people who just write for the sake of writing cause they know they get upvotes. Sometimes in a gallery the work has an explanation and sometimes it just has a name. It doesn't make it more or less valuable to the viewer. I don't get why they can't just leave people to vote for what they consider valuable themselves.

they said I have to post a link to original. I don't think they understand how a creative who works would have their work all over the internet on various blogs, pages and websites. So it's not something I can do just have to hope no one else reports anything, seems it came from my twitter or something.

Omg the whole thing drove me mad and took so long to sort out! lol

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hello mr. mack-bot. I have followed the instructions and have reset my passwords. may i request to be removed from the blacklist. that is also one cute puppy you have.

I've cleaned the link; why do you still give a downvote?

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I've removed your downvotes and took your account off the list. Thank you for letting me know. I also gave you a few upvotes since it looks like you haven't been getting any curation.

Thanks a million!

Thanks for the information.... I checked again and I m not on list ....


I got it but you removed it already.. because I did what I read on the post and joined the steemcleaners discord server😊.. thanks anyway, I need to protect my account too.


Ok, Thank you.

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Thanks for the info!!


This situation is very unpleasant.
I changed keys. I hope you get me blacklisted and take the downvote

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Thank you


I am a human been not a robot man. Check out my profile and professional pages. I can't use my Steemit profile to share my books in peace, please? Thanks for your attention!

I Have been getting a constant downvote from you and i did not break the rules. Please quickly help rectify it


You're all good to go now man and your downvotes are removed.

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你不能瞎踩啊,兄弟! @lemooljiang

You were added for a different reason, which is spam with multi accounts. Please go over to our Discord server to appeal: https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV


please tell me why i am getting down voted? @mack-bot

Not wanting to get off the list, would prefer to stay on it. but would like to know why you drove me and some many others from this platform - thanks :)

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Thank you that would be great - i understand and will not comment farm ever again

Have a good day - i am back :)

Would you mind removing the downvote you made on my latest post, please?

OK, I have now read your post, followed the links, and I see that my account is on one of the 'hacked' lists. Lost...................... :(

Everything has been removed now. Thank you for coming to talk to our team.

Well, thank YOU for alerting me to this situation! It's very noble of you, in my opinion. I appreciate your assistance greatly and I am delighted that my account is now secure from the hacker's abuse. I'm really shocked that the Steem Engine website was a scam x

You downvoted my post https://partiko.app/kgbinternational/h6se2o4m?referrer=kgbinternational.
Happy new year, anyhow.

Please come to our Discord to discuss this one https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV

I find this a messy message and do not know what to believe. It does not make sense to me. I doubt this is written by a bot.

If I understand it right you are not only the bearer of bad news but a downvoter in/with a trail too.

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Mack-bot doesn't have a trail and should never have a trail. In this case it was used to help people whose keys were stolen and they didn't even know. If you're not on the list just think positively and keep your keys safe.

@guiltyparties @mack-bot downvotes because the acvount is hacked and that is how it helped/alarmed people to be aware of a key being stoled?
A very confusing message and answer.

It's the only way to get the attention of such a large group of people in the fastest way possible. If you can think of a better way please let me know and I'll try it.

@guiltyparties I wish I knew a betteramd gaster way. No matter what you yry people can still ignore/refuse to.read it. Or not understand it.

Noticed steemengine is active and commenting and pro?oting themselves again.

Yeah, I've been downvoting it manually to mitigate as much damage as possible.

I'll come up with something.

@guiltyparties wish you luck with that..❤️

Funny how you can target me and not respond. Thanks you have just proven my point.

I just removed all the downvotes that I could and you've been off the bot since yesterday. Let me know if there's anything else that I've downvoted in case it happens again.

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Sure, go for it. You're on for comment spam, not because your'e hacked. I've taken you off now.

Too bad your blog isn't about e-waste. I had high hopes of finding posts I'd actually want to read.

its a user name, i do e waste as a career, and gardening... winters my down season. i use partiko, you get points for comments. i leave simple, yum, tasty etc comments on foods posts,, or sexy,, etc on nsfw. maybe try looking through the rest of my comments where i have full on conversations with people, see this is why real people reading through things is more beneficial then a stupid bot, your bots posts are a hella lot more spammy then my comments.

I read back in your blog, I do some scrap as well. Good to see similar content.

My bots don't post. Those posts and comments are manual.

lol the guys over at steem cleaners seem to like to judge content, we should take a look through all their personal blogs and comments.

What's wrong with my account @mack-bot, please explain, and open downvote

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You are on for mass plagiarism and farming on multiple accounts.

Hi @mack-bot, my account has been auto-downvoted by your account for no good reason for a while now. I am neither hacked nor spamming the blockchain. What gives?

I missed your comment unfortunately until now. Your account was reported and added for post spam due to your news aggregation posts. Please visit our Discord to discuss https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV

Thank you for responding. I have disabled the RSS feed link to Steemit months ago and have no plans to re-enable it. Could you please take my account off the list. Thank you.

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Thank you.

Thank you for your honesty and transparency, you got yourself a new follower 😎


I have resetted my passwords. Please take me off the blacklist please. Thanks.

Thank you. I've just removed all the downvotes I could. Please let me know if there's anything missed.

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Hi - I have messaged you on discord - could you please unflag both my accounts - @sift666 and @frot - thanks

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Oh wow, thanks! I'll check in on discord!

Why did you choose me as an opera?
I don't spam!

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