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I'm willing to bet that @steevc was referring to Steem rewards pool as 'magic money fountain', not Steem Basic Income specifically.

LIFETIME UPVOTES (PROMISE), that's the real magic money fountain

Thanks for the downvotes! I'm more than happy to draw your bullying behavior away from people who are only guilty of a sincere desire to help others.

So i give some upvotes:)), then mmm... will have more to do:)). Best regards.

I appreciate it, but I'm not really here to make profits. Would prefer to see counter upvotes where larger dv are now being focused on content contest hosts that are using SBI to reward creators and cover ongoing prize budgets.
Whales have decided we can't publish contest lists anymore, but the recurring section of the last list a few weeks back is a good place to start.

Dear @josephsavage, i know your honourable intentions very well, thanks for your words, hope i got the meaning, because englisch is not my motherlanguage.
For what we are doing in the german speaking community to deal with the mmm.. i can just give you this link, due to a close steemfriend of mine, @miketr:
Most of the german speaking members on this chain (not all of course) like the things you are doing for the small ones very much, i support the sbi of course, due to your good work here.
Thanks for that and steem on!
Best regards.

You upvote yourself
I never do that

I was indeed. My income from sbi is a small percentage of my total rewards. And I care more about how it benefits others.

Not to worry. mmkk will just create a new thread to move the discussion to again, so that nobody ever sees how quickly he jumped to false conclusions in this one.

He's not getting much support. I think SBI is a valid part of the Steem ecosystem. The fact that you do blacklist accounts helps. It's not a major part of my rewards and I'm okay with losing some of it. I know it helps a lot of people keep going. I still believe that manual curation is the most important aspect of Steem. Thanks for sticking with what you do.

We also believe in manual curation but it has proven impossible to scale manual curation models without falling into patterns that make it hard for new creators to emerge.

Actual vote distribution is much more widely dispersed through SBI's crowd-sourced account level curation model than by any manual curation program of similar size.

There's no perfect system, but things seem generally better now that paid votes have less traction. In general I think people should not be buying votes for themselves or self-voting, especially if they get good rewards anyway. I think a large proportion of voting is automated and so there is less scope to pick up on new users doing good stuff. Most of my voting is manual.

Not getting much support? Perhaps not important to you but he breaks many their necks esp new Steemians and little fish. Long live #newsteem where a few rich set all rules!

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Yes he is targeting me.
Bullies attack kids too on Steemit.
I'm six years old, and I'm not afraid.
He will not put me out of Steemit.

@steemean I hope you have enough Steem and reputation to fight back. Enjoy your day. ❤️

Steem is about freedom and people will exploit it. He's only taking a fraction of what you might get from SBI, so it should not hurt anyone that badly. It's a fact of life that those with the power have some control, in the world at large as well as on Steem, but that does not mean we are powerless.

@steevc You are richer as I. The little ones are powerless. With a rep of suddenly 0 and a trail of over 10 accounts you are powerless.

You are halfway to dolphin, so you do have influence. Use you vote where it can do some good. I notice you have a lot of unclaimed Steem. That will make a difference.

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We need to deal with your abuse first, @mmmmkkkk311, and then maybe we can speak about what it is you think you see happening.

That's a creative solution to the problem of posts receiving actual engagement that you're free to take to your witnesses.

I would be very interested to see how much more actual engagement on this platform plummets if rewards granted to it are penalized even more than they were under HF21.

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The only automated comments (bot comments) that come from ANY account under my control are the !sbi status responses. While not engagement, per se, they only happen by user request and only ever respond to the user that made the request.

Hi @josephsavage!

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Structure of your total SBI vote value:

  • 98.12 % has come from your subscription level
  • 18.23 % has come from your bonus units
  • 1.13 % has come from upvoting rewards
  • 9.66 % has come from new account bonus or extra value from pre-automation rewards

    Take Control! Include #sbi-skip in your text or tags to have us skip any post or comment.

Where is my damn bot voter? I should have made millions by now attempting to speak with your ass who goes around in circles!

There is already a penalty on posts and comments that get less than 20 SP by votes. 😅

Yes it's a massive tax on the small fish to reward the big fish. Absolutely horrible part of the last HF and has hurt steem as a whole IMO.

Everyone who is voting someone and do this more as once is in a voting circle. Each community is.

Be a hero, show your face and tell me how you became rich so fast!

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I'm six years old and you are bullying me for no reason.

@mmmmkkkk311, your even going after children?!?! WTF! You better hope some of your countrymen don't or can't read this. #polish

Some trading? Underestimated that a bit, didn't you? That looks like a lot of trading! I'm happy to help people receive some more funding through a collective effort rather than what I can usually give them through my puny vote.

Anyways, I'm waiting for a response on the 4 other posts, links can all be found here:

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