Manual Curation of different community || Is this all about exchanging favor?

in dtube •  3 months ago 

I did not get surprised knowing people think that curation is like 'giving and taking'. It's like exchanging favor. If you curate me I will curate yours in exchange. I wouldn't blame anyone to come up with this conclusion. Because there are many things that let others think about this. So, as a curator, I'm expressing what I think about this.


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I don't believe it should be that way, sometimes I believe curating should be based on merit and quality really and not a give and take thing. Beautiful video

And also on interests. Everyone should use the Steem blockchain naturally, but it is obvious that the majority of the users do not use it that way. They are selfish and greedy. They focus only on their own posts, they do not care about other people's posts. This led/leading to thousands of disappointed users, who left (and still leaving) the Steem blockchain.

Yeah, it's true but you shouldn't generalize. Because I can give you many examples who are different. And I must say I'm also trying to make it different.

But it's sure a reason why people leaving Steem.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Yeah, it should not be that way. But I can understand why it seems that way. That's why I believe we have to take action so that newbie doesn't come up with this selfishness.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Exactly, if any newbie work hard, I believe they'll eventually do well.

That's what I believe also. We have to find the right path and show others the same.
Thanks :)

I upvote a lot of people, both posts and comments, but nowadays people rarely upvote my content, no matter what I do, what I try, what I post, what (and how) I write about. Nowadays most of the upvotes I get are coming from bots. People usually do not even bother to read my posts. Nowadays I rarely receive real human comments on the Steem blockchain.
I mostly upvote posts. I upvote comments only, if the pending payout is more than $0.02 on them, because nowadays my upvote is worth around/approximately $0.01, and the payout threshold is $0.02 on the Steem blockchain.

I totally understand you but what I'm saying is a little different. I was specifically talking about the 'manual curation for different community accounts like tipu or innerblocks.
But what you are saying is also very correct. Because sometimes it happens to me also. People don't care what we write here. But some people really do, as I found.
So you have to make a good connection and engagement, I guess.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

May be or may be not but i love to work this platform.

That's great!

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I wish I could watch your video
After 5 minutes of the donut... I can only answer based on your text
When I get visits on my post, I do go back to the commenters' posts to check out the one I can relate to as upvoting the comment on my posts doesn't do much for them
Is this a favour for a favour.... perhaps
But I have also upvoted posts that I appreciate and hardly get a visit back from them... and that's ok too

On both counts, it is my appreciation of the Steemian and their content ...
I don't have some clever strategy to work it so I can get more Steem .... I just Steem... haha

ps: by the way, the video is laggy like crazy... I have only reached "Hello everyone" after 15 minutes of waiting...

Yeah, I don't know if it's the internet connection problem or the dtube interface, coz I also can't watch anyone's video for a while. Or take longer than usual.
Yeah, I also don't have much strategy to use Steem. But there's a favor exchange for sure. And I'm talking specifically about 'manual curation for different community or account'. Like tipu or innerblocks.

It really sometimes feel like we are failing to show what real curation means. But I wouldn't say all are the same or every time is the same. But this is an issue for sure.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.