Lockdown: Make Your Own Paneer Cheese!

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With the apocalypse that is Covid-19 and lockdown that is upon us. Why don't you make your own cheese in the house!!! You don't need anything special except for a bit of muslin/cheesecloth.

This is a gorgeous, unsalted, crumbly cheese. It's great for using in veggy curries and spicy dishes. I am making it for a chilli & garlic paneer dish later :0).

So to work!!

You will need

Hardly anything!!
4 pints of full fat milk
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
A big bit of cheesecloth

That's it. Cheese city here we come!!

To make

Slop your milk in a big pan and get it on a low to medium heat

Stir it regularly do it doesn't catch on the bottom.

When it starts to rise and go frothy like a latte then throw your lemon juice in

Stir for a minute or two till it curdles. It will look like albino sick basically

You will then see the curd completely separate from the whey. The whey looks grey and horrible. You should keep this though when you drain it as you can use it in other things.

When it completely separates take it off the heat

Put your cheesecloth in your drainer and drain it.

Some people rinse it at this point to remove any taste of lemon but I can never taste it so don't.

Now you twist it and hang it to drip for half an hour. I use my tap

After half an hour put it somewhere on a sloping surface and put something heavy and flat on it for another half an hour. I use my big chopping board. This squeezes out the last of the whey.

That's it! Unwrap the goodness!!

Slice it up and boom! Your paneer is ready to go!

You can tuck in straight away or add it to some spicy, hot sauce. Which is what I recommend!

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Wow I enjoyed this and really want to try it. I hope to get out soon for milk. We are on a forced 3 week lock down.

We are on it too although good knows how long for. I'm bored!

WTF.. Who gave you a chef hat? I never would have thunk Boomy be making cheese.. cutting it maybe 🤪

Haha, cutting it!!

Oh aye, I'm quite the man in the kitchen!! :0D

Here in America you know what we call the man in the kitchen... ? The woman 🤣😂

I cook pretty good myself too.. but cheese is out of my league

They call it the same here 🤣🤣

I like to try all the faddy things!

Hey greatings from germany...IT's an fine thing to make our waiting better

Greetings!! We do have to find things to do with our time!!

Great and simple instructions, I am only still looking for the answer to the burning question, what to do with the Whey? You mentioned don't throw it away as there are other means to use it......

Some people use it in smoothies and the like as it is full of nutrients but the best use I have for it is instead of buttermilk in pancakes. That's why this recipe is unsalted as that would ruin that bit, if you don't intend to keep the whey you can add a pinch of salt to the milk to get a tastier paneer!

Boom doing recipes - the world has indeed gone bonkers!

Smart use of tap, points for that :)

Hehe, recipes. The world has gone mad!!! :0D

Why you making cheese with your face mask?!?!? 😳

It's the most valid use of the thing!! :0D

Fair point.



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Nom nom nom...
I might try this one.

Tis very good!!

Hey man even I could do that! Thanks for the recipe!

It is quite easy ain't it!! You're welcome!! :0)

This post is a bit cheesy don't you thing Boomy? Lol.

Wahahaha!! It's so cheesy!! Reeking of it!! ;0)

Don't mind me some cheese though...

I much prefer the real stuff but if you're caught in a pinch!

When COVID-19 strikes we all have to make concessions I guess.

Sshh, trying to think non Covid-19 thoughts!!

Oops...Here's something to take your mind of it...


Hurrah!! There is nothing that boobs cannot fix and that is a fact!!

Yes, my mother used to do this to us. The name in our region is '' chase ''

Oo very good. It is one of those easy to things!

Thank you! Seems to be simple, so i can try it! 😉

Hehe, I like to stick with simple!

😉 Me too!

Looks really yummy👌

Cheers, even yummier in a curry!

Look at you Mr Masterchef - looks awesome

Haha, I got the moves!!

Now i am going to learn new thing today

It's a good thing to try!

Great idea. Going to try this.

Cheers, I do like it and it really is easy!

Awesome idea! Have you tried letting it sit for a few days or so? Just wondering how long it'd last for or if it alters the taste. Thanks!

It usually takes a few days to eat it and it's fine but doesn't mature any in taste. Sometimes I make a garlic or cumin one which gets a bit stronger if you leave it!

I have actually no idea how long it lasts, I have kept mine in the fridge for at least 5 or 6 days and all has been well.

Sweet! Thanks!!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)