Blooming Astrophytum

in gardening •  2 months ago  (edited)

I photographed these Astrophytum when visiting the plant nursery.
He is in another city.
I met the owners of this plant nursery at the Cactus and Succulents Exhibition in Cyprus.
I will write about his visit later, and now I will show you some photos of the flowering of their cacti, which grew in the territory of their yard.

The Astrophytum in the first photo is simply magnificent !!!
I really want this!

I was struck by his impeccable appearance, how he could maintain such a view while in winter under heavy rains and in the summer in the scorching sun !!!

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet












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Beautiful! I wish mine would bloom. It buds, but then stops

My Аstrophytums bloomed :-)))
I wrote you an e-mail a few days ago

Congratulations! Yes, I should answer you soon :)


Those yellow ones are really quite something. Almost look like a flower growing inside another flower :-)

I agree with you! :-)))

Lovely and amazing

Many thanks!


Who'd have thought I could give such nice flowers... I just recently passed by a flower shop and was tempted to buy one, I never had one. Happy week.

Many thanks!
I have Astrophytums, but such as in the first photo, unfortunately there is no ...
And you have a good week and weekend

Thank you!! Happy weekend to you too 🙂