The Power Of The Steem Community

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Did anyone notice where HolyBread is now ranked on State of the DApps? I took a look this morning and it is somewhere around #11.

This after about 10 days.

It shows how strong the Steem community is and how quickly those on this blockchain can change things. The game received a great deal of attention from those who are accustomed to using different features on Steem.

Of course, sitting at the top of the list is still Splinterlands, the top DApp out there.

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I am relatively new to the Holybread game, but I like it very much. It is a fun browser game. It is not a pay to win game. What more, you can play it for free.

All correct although I would say that we all are new to the game since it is only a week and a half old.

It is actually better than free, people earn Breadcrumbs for participating.

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Yes, and we can send Breadcrumbs to Steem Engine, and sell (or trade) them, but I have not done that yet. I currently (2020.02.07, 01:05 CET) have 73 207 Breadcrumbs.

but you will need the internet to play the game right??

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Yes, but you can access the internet for free around many places, so you do not necessarily need to pay for it. At least there are free Wi-Fi spots in my city. Mainly around the train station.

yeah you are right....

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the steem community is really strong and more users are coming into the community...

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The Steem community has been going strong since I started back in 2017. Great place to meet new friends, engage with cool apps, and be involved in the greater decentralization movement.

There needs to be a farming game in the likes of Harvest Moon or Farmville Saga here on Steem, it would be an instant win I'm sure!