(2022-4)Steem.vip Development progress

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About steem.vip

steem.vip is a steem wallet(https://vip.steem.vip/).Support STEEM and HIVE chains.


  • Adjusted the names of some function


  • fix some bugs
  • fix about HIVE chain transfer
  • fix adout STEEM-SBD function

What to expect in April

  • Development a Chrome plugin



关于 steem.vip

steem.vip 是一个steem钱包(https://vip.steem.vip/).目前支持steem和hive链,在steem上的功能要丰富的多。同时支持eth和tron的钱包创建。


  • 修改了一些功能的名字


  • 修复了一些BUG
  • 修复了HIVE链的转账功能
  • 修复了 STEEM-SBD 互转的功能


  • 准备基于keychain,开发一个全新的chrome插件


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@upvu.proxy didn't Daily witness vote sharing from you(@maiyude)

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I'm very sorry.An error was calculated.
I'll fix the bug and send tomorrow.Kindly excuse me

Thank you for your daily witness vote sharing.
By the way, the quantity @upvu.proxy received is something wrong.
You promised 67.6 STEEM, but @upvu.proxy received only 9 STEEM.
I looked at other accounts that received rewards, and they seem to have distributed absurdly small amounts.
Please tell us why less than the amount you offered, and why we received a much smaller amount distributed in terms of distribution ratios with other accounts.
@upvu.proxy is an important issue because it redistributes the STEEM received through witness vote sharing like you to the account that delegated the proxy to @upvu.proxy.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I'm very sorry.An error was calculated by a few days ago.Kindly excuse me

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I'm very sorry again.Kindly excuse me

You got it = (proxied_vsf_votes * proxy_multiplier+vesting_shares)*rate+other


proxy_percentage = proxied_vsf_votes/(proxied_vsf_votes+vesting_shares)

proxy_multiplier = 0.22. if proxy_percentage >90%

proxy_multiplier = 0.5. if proxy_percentage >70%

proxy_multiplier = 0.9. if proxy_percentage >50%

proxy_multiplier = 1. if proxy_percentage <= 50%


Rate is base on Total mined blocks today ,Witness Votes Calculated value


Extra credit
For example:Delegate SP to @maiyude or Provision of services

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

about upvu.proxy.
Total: 50213.03M= Proxy VESTS: 50213.03M + VESTS: 0.00M
proxy_percentage = proxied_vsf_votes/(proxied_vsf_votes+vesting_shares)
proxy_percentage = 50213.03/(50213.03+0)=100%
so proxy_multiplier = 0.22

You got it = (proxied_vsf_votes * proxy_multiplier+vesting_shares)rate+other
You got it = (50213.03 * 0.22 + 0) * 0.0008875+0 = 9.805