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I’m highly privileged to be participate in this homework given by @yohan2on
As explained by @yohan2on about the alt coins.
Giving the definition of a stable coin would be the first thing to talk about in this homework.
First and foremost, I’d begin by talking about stable coin

A stablecoin may be a digital substance that is still stable in value against a pegged external traditional asset class.
A stable coin decreases the worth affinity to vary by boosting its value against a standard asset, like a amalgamation of currencies, one fiat currency, or other worth good prices substances. Embracing cryptocurrencies as an immediate replacement for conventional fiat currency requires stability. Else, a volatile currency can accommodate the purchasing power of a holder.



Stablecoins are a digital currency where you do not need to worry about volatility or instability of crypto prices.

The alt coin is the next coin I’d like to share my views on
Definition of an Altcoin?
The term altcoin associated with cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. Such coins peg themselves from Bitcoin by adding to their capacity and plugging their shortcomings.
Altcoins are cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. They share characteristics with Bitcoin but also are different from them in other ways. for instance , some altcoins use a special consensus mechanism to supply blocks or validate transactions. Or, they distinguish themselves from Bitcoin by providing new or additional capabilities, like smart contracts or low-price volatility.

“Altcoin" may be a combination of the 2 words "alt" and "coin" and includes all alternatives to Bitcoin. the essential framework for Bitcoin and altcoins is analogous . Thus, they share code and performance as peer-to-peer systems or as an enormous computer capable of processing large amounts of knowledge and transactions at an equivalent time. In some instances, altcoins also aspire to become subsequent Bitcoin by becoming a cheap method for digital transactions.
What Is the simplest Altcoin to take a position In?
Based on market capitalisation , ether is that the greatest and most well-established altcoin. Its smart contract competency have proven use cases and it's a part of Ethereum, scrap one among the foremost tangled blockchain platforms having lately inherit existence.
Should Altcoins be Good Investments?


Altcoins have many of an equivalent instamented risks related to Bitcoin. additionally , many of the tiny altcoins aren't being cash or readily convertible into cash. But well-founded altcoins, like ether and XRP, are competitors to Bitcoin.
What is the value of an Altcoin?
Altcoins have an honest wide price range from a few of cents to thousands of dollars. for instance , Ethereum’s ether was trading at $1,979.58 on an equivalent day that Ripple’s XRP, the fifth-most worth an honest price cryptocurrency, was trading for $0.89.



Now Binance is the coin is like to talk about as given to me as a homework by @yohan2on
What is the a Binance coin?
Binance Coin (BNB) may be a cryptocurrency which will be wont to trade and pay fees on the Binance cryptocurrency barter. BNB also can be truck or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Guiding on blockchain technology, Bitcoin is about to mix(up) the currency market.
Why is Binance Wallet safe?
Is Binance Wallet Safe? Yes and no. Binance is certainly one among those exchanges that are taking their security seriously, and since of that, Binance may be a great platform to use for trading cryptocurrencies. thereupon said, regardless of how secure an exchange is, they're always a hot target for hackers.
How is binance good for beginners?
Binance is meant to form an earnest request to as many users as possible. The exchange is straightforward even for newbies to use, and offers meet demands coins and features to stay expert traders happy, as well. i might present as deserve acceptance or trial Binance to crypto traders of just about every level of experience.
How safe is Binance for traders?
Binance, which is predicated in Taiwan, given notice of the arrival on Tuesday that hackers were ready to take back about 7,000 bitcoin through one transaction, arising to be $40 million. Hackers recruited various methods, including phishing and viruses, in what the corporate drew as a “large scale security breach.

Thank you for reading my post, hopefully useful to all readers.

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