Steemit Crypto academy – Week 4 “Homework Summary”: Introduction to Decentralized finance (DeFi)

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It’s been yet another great Crypto education week on steemit. Thanks so much to all my Crypto students that managed to attend the 4th – week Crypto academy course. I believe every one of you learnt something new from the “DeFi” lecture and the given homework task.

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For this week, I received 118 homework task articles that were submitted in by various Crypto students from different countries of the world and I have so far managed to provide feedback on almost all of them; It’s just a few articles remaining that were posted on the deadline. If I haven’t reviewed your article kindly drop a link to it on this homework summary article in the comment section below and I will come to it right away.

Many Crypto students excelled highly in the Homework task 4. This time around it has been quite a tough decision to select the Top 3 articles out of a whole bunch of excellent articles published by the various brilliant crypto students.

Top posts for week -4 (Introduction to Decentralized Finance –DeFi)

Crypto studentPost Link
@kouba01Post Link
@jehoshua-sheyPost Link
@njaywanPost Link

Here is what transpired in the last week’s Crypto academy Homework task

I found some Crypto students with plagiarized content and that was not a good thing. Plagiarism is highly prohibited on Steemit and will surely not be tolerated.

Some of the Crypto Students I caught with plagiarized content pleaded that I should excuse them so that they simply correct those particular plagiarized areas in their articles by attaching the required references to that borrowed work. Kindly, note that, once you are discovered with plagiarized content in your article, your homework task article for that week is disqualified. The rule is clear No plagiarism

We’ve also discovered that some steemit users have developed new tricks of plagiarism. Some have looked out for youtube videos and transcribed content of vlogers on youtube and used it in their homework task articles with no reference to it. That is also plagiarism. This week, together with my team of fellow Crypto professors we managed to catch some steemians in that bad content habit. What a shame!

It has also come to my notice that some Crypto students are having more than one account which they deliberately use to scam the Crypto academy community with several scam posts (plagiarized posts). By doing so you are doing nothing but trying to game the steemit reward pool. I have my eyes on you and I will keep tracking you and your other scam accounts.

Some were also using a trick of posting huge articles of over 3000words with plenty of unedited and plagiarized content and trying to hide away from being caught in the bad content habit of plagiarism. However, they did not succeed, I got them.

Some repeat offenders have registered for themselves a bad reputation among all the Crypto professors and we and the steemit team are yet to conclude on what to do with them.

How to Improve on the quality of your articles

Proofreading your work or through Using Grammarly web tool. This tool will help you in identifying any grammatical errors in your article and also help to suggest for you the correct words to use.

Be creative in your articles. You may want to design some original graphics for your content.

Be original. Use less borrowed referenced work if you must.

Do enough research work so that you can present your work confidently from a well informed point of view.

A piece of advice, words of wisdom and encouragement to my Crypto students

The Steemit Crypto academy initiative is a very valuable thing. Let’s all just treat it with respect by opting to do the right thing. It’s meant to build up your knowledge base on all things “Crypto and Blockchain technology” alongside motivating you with some great rewards for educating yourself. Yes, Steemit needs your engagement on its platform but also your proper ethical and professional engagement. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for all of us.

As a matter of fact some of you, writing/blogging has never been your thing and you are now just trying to force yourself into the writing lifestyle on steemit because of the rewards. My advice to you is that just Keep at it, keep pushing yourself, that’s how we all began here. Try today, tomorrow and the other day. Over and over again; you will eventually see yourself improving and becoming that professional blogger that you desire to be.

Whatsoever you do, do it with passion.

Guidelines for week 5 Homework task

  • Post all your homework task articles in the Crypto academy community.
  • Your post should be between 300 – 1000words
  • Use an exclusive tag #yohan2on-week5 and also tag me (@yohan2on) in your article so that i can easily find your article.
  • Use copy-right free images and showcase their source.
  • Plagiarism and spinning of articles are highly prohibited and they will not be tolerated on Steemit.
  • The 5th homework task runs till 14th/03/2021
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Dear Professor @yohan2on, my post is now 4 days old and still is unreviewed by you. I am afraid that it will not be curated. Can you please review it asap.

Thanks for review, sir.

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Just a suggestion, you can make Google forms where people can submit their finished articles. It may be possible to integrate it into Google Sheets so you can track them easily. That way, you can see which articles have been submitted first and you can review them in a timely manner. Minimizing the chances that older posts will not get payouts because they were not reviewed.

Wow, @yohan2on, I'm glad my post was selected amongst the best. There's a little mix-up though, it's @jehoshua-shey rather than @johoshua-shey. The post however in the link is mine, hence my profound gratitude.

Thank you, professor, you and other crypto professors are doing a very important job educating people on steemit about crypto. Thank you very much.

I support the idea of Grammarly. A good writer these days should at least, have access to Grammarly basic. Some writing jobs I applied for required Grammarly premium. It's a very proficient writing aid, I use it both on my pc and android device. Thank you professor for mentioning this.

Thanks for reaching out and for the username correction. It just skipped my mind. Let me correct it right away. Otherwise, keep creating valuable content on steemit.

I will. Thank you very much.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

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Respected sir @yohan2on, my post for homework 4 has not yet been reviewed. Please spare some time to review and provide your feedback and grade. Thanks

Dear Professor @yohan2on,
Please review my homework for the 4th week. I'm waiting for your feedback.

Best regards.

These tasks are my interesting ones, I have learned a lot from them. thank you Professor @yohan2on.

I look forward to your verification of week 4, thank you very much.


Thank you for not Reviewing ! 8 days past...

  ·  last month (edited)

Hello @dilbilgici. Sorry for that over delay to review your article. I just missed it due to a very busy time I have had in the past days.

Kindly repost your article in the crypto academy community using the tag #yohan2on-week4 and I will review it immediately. It will then be curated.

Waooo. Good teachings and great illustrations. @yohan2on thanks for this info

Hi @yohan2on, please review thanks

This is one of the earliest articles for your week 5 task. It hasn't been reviewed yet and 4 days has passed.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, just a soft reminder to review this thanks a lot!


Respected sir @yohan2on, I submitted my homework post of week 4 and you reviewed it yesterday. Still it has not been curated and soon it will expire. Can you help me in this regard please. Link is given below.

Prof. Sir studying your lecture is like watching a movie very clear and insightful. I appreciate you sir.