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Maybe some of my posts are conspiracy theories. In general, I like conspiracy theories, they can quite affect a person's thinking. You also need to be able to distinguish which theory can be true and which is a lie. Of course, we will not always find out the truth, and we will probably never find out about some conspiracy theories.


What if the conspiracy theories become true?


I have already mentioned Agenda 2030 and NWO (new world order), in the beginning, it was just a conspiracy theory. But now, unfortunately, this theory becomes true. War, covid, sanctions imposed on Russia, etc... All this has long been planned to create an economic crisis and poverty throughout the world.
As you can see, their plan is going pretty well. Just to congratulate you, right?

What's their purpose?


When a man has no money, no food, and no coal to keep him warm, what happens? There will be panic, people will kill themselves for a piece of bread. It may sound unbelievable right now, but it's very, very real.
This plan was created by people called the "Elite" (Illuminati, masons). I recommend reading about it and delving into the topic to open your eyes. The world is not what it seems. The richest people on earth belong to this elite.

What's Bill Gates doing now?


Well, Bill Gates buys land for agricultural crops. Why? The man who has the food rules. In the Netherlands, the government is taking farmland away from farmers. Bill Gates will probably use these lands to grow his own modified food (GMO). It is not known what will be in these vegetables, fruits, and cereals. I'm sure it's some kind of poison or drug that interferes with open thinking. As you know, the unconscious man is easier to control, and that's what they want. The agenda plan is increasingly being fulfilled.

Please read -

Why don't we do anything?


That's what I don't understand. I as an individual write these posts, it always reaches someone and I also send information on these topics to my friends.

There are so many of us in the world that if we could all unite and go against the authorities, I think we could certainly do it. Most people do not believe in what I write, but you just need to see what is happening in the world and that this agenda plan is increasingly coming into effect.

Every man is equal. Money is just an illusion


It is not money that testifies to human values, it is we who establish them. We have everything for free. We could raise cattle ourselves, plant trees, and live like this, with no need to go to any work. This is how the system created the world, and we can't imagine anything else. It's time for this to end.
If we do not wake up, we will become their slaves, our steps will be watched 24 hours a day. If we don't obey, they'll cut off our access to the money. This is what it's gonna look like if we let them do what they do.

Or we'll wake up... or us.

We can change this world. We can do anything

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Open your eyes...
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Thank you brother for sharing beautiful and informative content here. I agree with your these lines that....

Money is an illusion. Every man is equal.

Your blogs are really very good for all of us. I am waiting for your next blog.

All the best......

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