Explanation of Database and its components | 27/09/2022

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Hello, my dear friends of Steem4Bloggers community, how are you all? Today is Tuesday and I am here to educate you about database and its components.


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Data can simply be facts about any thing under examination. For example, my name like Usman, my age, height, weight, and so on are a few pieces of information about you, me or anyone. Data can also include photo, file, pdf, or other visual representation.


A database is a planned gathering of data. They enable the manipulation and storage of data electronically. Data management is made simple by databases. A database is used to hold information on different persons, their mobile phone numbers, and other contact information in an online telephone list.


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For example, Facebook (biggest social media company) must manage, store, and display information about users, their friends, member activities, messages, adverts, and a wide range of other topics. There are also many other examples of it. It is widely used nowadays. Now I will educate you about its components.


Dear friends there are five components of database which I will tell you one by one now so let's get started.


Friends, the first component of database is hardware. Physical, electronic devices like PC, Input / Output (I/O) devices, storage devices, etc. make up the hardware. This provides a connection between computer systems and actual systems.


The second one is software. This group of applications is used to oversee and administer the entire database. This covers the database software itself, the operating system, the network software used to distribute the data among users, and the application software used to access the database's data.

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The third one is data. Data must be processed in order to be meaningful because it is a raw, disorganised reality. Unless it is arranged, data might be straightforward while yet being disorganised. Facts, observations, impressions, numbers, letters, symbols, photos, etc. are typically included in data.


The forth component of DB is procedure. Procedures are a set of guidelines and instructions that assist you in using the DBMS. You can direct the people who operate and administer the database by building and operating it according to procedures that have been documented.


This is the last one. Database Access Language is used to enter new data, update existing data, or retrieve needed data from DBMS, as well as to access data to and from the database. In a database access language, the user creates certain specific instructions and submits them to the database.

So this is the definition of database and the explanation of its components, I hope you have learned something by reading this. Allah Hafiz for the next post.


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Thank you @malikusman1 for a very clear and very easy to understand explanation, I really like reading it ,,

You are welcome sir.

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Thank friend


Thank you for sharing knowledge about databases. I've read about this, the database is the key to the success of a company. With a database they can learn about a person's interests, hobbies and interests.


Thank you so much my dear friend for your comment and support.