#2020 - Witness Summary

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Greetings Steemians,

I hope you've had a smooth transition into 2020!

Going into this new year, I felt it's time for another witness post.


You might have noticed that my posting frequency hasn't been high recently. But rest assured: I'm still here!

Considering that Steemit Communities are now in Beta and with fewer people trying to get a piece of the rewards pool, now is actually the perfect time to be active on Steem.

Now, while I don't post, I'm still around and participate in discussions on/about Steem, which are sadly all-too-often not on-chain.

In general, over the past 2 years, as my experience & skills have matured, my priorities have changed a bit as well.

My primary goal right now is to provide/maintain stable & reliable services/products. Which of course includes my witness infrastructure, as well as the different non-profit tools I've developed.

Now, if you're not exactly sure what these tools, here's a small reminder.


A bit over a year ago, I've released SteemApps.com, a website that is displaying data for applications on Steem, as well as providing an API/data-source for 3rd party services for free, i.e: State of the Dapps.

The most important goal here right now is to make sure that the API is reliable and that it keeps on running. (covering the costs, ..)

Witness Essentials Toolkit

As non-witness, you've probably not used the following tools, but as a Steem Witness, those are highly valuable & critical for the daily work any given witness has to do.



One of the tasks a Steem Witness has to fulfil is to produce a reliable & active pricefeed, the market price of STEEM at any given time.

These are usually updated every 1-4 hours, as Steem needs these for internal calculations (for example: the reward payouts, etc.)



The primary task of a witness is to sign blocks. This is being done with a software called steemd. So it's highly important that said software is running. And to make sure this is happening, the Watcher app is in existence.

For example, if a server has a technical problem and steemd isn't running anymore, instead of the witness missing blocks and possibly sabotaging the security of the network, the Watcher is registering missed blocks and switches (failover) to another server, running steemd. If there's none available or it's down as well, the witness is disabled and another one can take its slot until the problem has been resolved.



CLI stands for command line interface and is used to quickly send commands into the Steem blockchain.

For example, when the blockchain was halted multiple times last year, the way I interacted with the blockchain to make sure the correct server was being seen as a valid block-producer was exactly with this tool. Supercritical.

Remote Control


This is probably one of the most underrated apps in the toolkit: Remote, which allows any Witness to interact with the blockchain via telegram, as well as receiving notifications in case a server is malfunctioning, etc.

Personally, this tool gives me the peace of mind of knowing that nearly wherever I am, I'm able to do my duty as a Steem Witness, i.e disabling servers or switching them, in case all else failed.

Witness Schedule


This is not exactly part of the Witness Essentials Toolkit. However, it is part of my workflow and something I wouldn't want to miss.

Being able to know when exactly my turn of producing a block is, tends to be quite useful often. Besides that, it's also mesmerising to watch.

Bonus: Jarvis


Last but not least, we've got our good friend, Jarvis.

Now, this app is actually for everyone who wants to automate certain interactions on Steem (i.e transfers, rewards claiming, etc.)

For more info: https://steemit.com/steem/@therealwolf/introducing-jarvis-your-personal-assistant-for-steem

You're still here?


As I wrote at the beginning of this post, I'm still here and I hope this post made it a bit clearer what I exactly mean with that.

May the force be strong with you in 2020,


Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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Good work. I am hoping that going forward, not only the witness tools expand, but also the community ones that allow end users to develop interfaces, websites, SMTs, stylish communities etc... Maybe not your area, but having a good integration toolkit with documentation for SMT integration is essential.

Enjoy your week!

I'd love to do that and maybe sometime in the future, but for now, my primary goal is to maintain current projects and to provide stability. At this point in time, it's not feasible for me to continue to go all-in on Steem, and the last thing we need is more sell-pressure.

Yep, understandable :)

Plus, I think we need more projects that have a huge USP outside of blockchain/cryptocurrencies and simply integrate Steem for certain features, instead of mediocre projects going all-in on Steem and having no way of competing with the big boys.

I've been meaning to contact you but been pretty busy lately, but just wanted to say thank you for following our curation project and others with your votes. I know it was a big change to already go full curation but on top of that to not mind curation rewards as much is very generous and shows the care you have for the community and growth of this ecosystem.

The whole curation vs self-voting vs vote-selling debate is difficult, to begin with, especially regarding downvotes, but I'm glad to take the way of least negative impact.

Also, you're pretty-much providing Curation-as-a-Serice ;)

No word about Smartsteem?

I am a witness too, but a much, MUCH smaller one.

Jarvis will really come in handy for community builders who still have to have a day job to put food on the table. 👍

Exciting update @therealwolf. Wish you a very happy happy new year 2020! I use Jarvis for all of my projects and accounts. Saves me a lot of time as a content creator. Looking forward to more exciting updates as we see communities and SMTs unfolding live on the network.

You've always been in my witness vote. I know that you need the price of steem to be higher for your work to be sustainable, you'll be back stronger than ever when it gets better.

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Great to hear from you. It is always nice to hear from the backbone, the developers, and the creators!

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Jarvis is my favourite. Thanks for
listing all these as I wasn’t aware of them all. You already have my vote 👍

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the wolf is back

You are in a very high place

Thanks for the post!

I think knowing what is needed to be a steem witness and explained in (pretty) simple terms is important to help users understand the way it works around here.

Experienced folks toss "steemy" terms around in casual conversation but actually joining the dots makes a difference to see what's required so cheers and keep up the good work!

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nice Tools, dont know you made so much :)