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Handy improvements! Congratulations on new release!

Merci c est très intéressant. J aurai souhait avoir votre article en français. Merci une fois de plus

I am so happy for the consistency

Cool. I'm waiting for this update in my desktop app :)

Nice to see the progress of your project.

Nice job👍

Congratulations great job

Just installed this on Ubuntu. All looking good. Thanks for the update.

Just installed this on
Ubuntu. All looking good.
Thanks for the update.

                 - steevc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice update

Downloaded and installed!! Thank you very much and congratulations for the great developments!! Step by step the experience in eSteem is more lovely!!
Best regards for all the team in @eSteemapp!!

Monumental. I look forward to trying the new update out shortly. Referrals & easy account signups are HUGE updates!

One thing I would like...


Thank you, we will update signup page with more information soon. But for now, we are thinking to disable editing if direct referral link is opened like:

I think that is a great solution 😁

Those are great new updates @esteemapp. Can't wait to test it out

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Yes I have just updated.

Its getting featuristic day by day. Thanks @esteemapp

I am already using mobile version. Surfer brings many more good things to the table.

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Posting from esteem to community is possible using the community tag as the first tag ?

yes possible!

Nice, coongrats on this new step! I use the Android app on my phone to interact with the blockchain, and it is working ok. I'm looking forward!

Just installed an noticed how well it looks using sensitive case tags... eSteem looks way better than esteem.

I have been experimenting with the emoji tags too, which are not well supported by almost UIs... There might be a good case for emoji tags. =) I am boiling things in my mind.

Awesome 👏
It is great to see excitement development stuff. The design looks great, and good update.
Great features, keep it up 👍

Congratulations that’s awesome