Unexpected winning

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That kind of time that Rowe Smith scored that goal, Chelsea players won't even count it serious until when it's 80 minutes that they were unable to equalize the goal back talk less of winning

Hell no, Chelsea played well, it's not as if they didn't need the match, it's just that Arsenal didn't play with panic, they didn't with Chelsea as if they won't win and that's why they win

Of course Tuchel took the match serious, he had to introduced Oliver Giroud maybe he can use his experience to save Chelsea from loosing 3 points or just save Chelsea from loosing against Arsenal twice in this season, Arsenal beat Chelsea in first leg at Emirate stadium when Frank Lampard was still the coach

Mikel Arteta is one of the coach that Thomas Tuchel is unable to beat since he reach England, he has even beat Joseph Guardiola the world class coach twice in this season, he sent him off FA and beat him in premier league

This is the kind of match that Arsenal win, unexpected match, they fail to score just a goal they need to quality for final in Europa League

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