How To Make a VALID Entry for ♬ MUSIC FOR STEEM (Always Up To Date)

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Hi Music Lovers! This post will be pinned in the NEW Music For Steem Community on Steemit. We will keep updating this post with the new rules in case anything changes. So you can refer anyone to this post, all the time! Thanks

music for steem.png
You can use this image as the thumbnail for the YouTube video

Time schedule Music For Steem


  • All submissions are open from Tuesday 22.00 PM UTC - until SUNDAY 04.00 AM UTC
  • Voting Round for the community open from MONDAY 17.00 UTCuntil TUESDAY 20.00 UTC

These are the hours displayed in UTC. To convert to your local time:

On Monday 13.00, we make a post with the Highlighted TOP 7 songs of that week. The community can vote on the comments in the comment section from the time the post is published, until the next day (Tuesday) 16.00. At 18.00 the winners are announced.

Valid Submission

  • In the same recording as you will present to us as your submission, you need to:
    Say Music For Steem -(Musica Para Steem) WEEK (#) and your username. It is a LIVE music contest so it has to be a live recording.
  • Upload to Youtube or/and Dtube and post the video in your post. You can use the thumbnail for the video provided in this post.
  • The post title is: MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK #(number) - (@you Title of Song
  • Post in official Music For Steem community:
  • Hashtags #musicforsteem #steemexclusive
  • Share on your social media and include #steemit #steem in your *Tweet or social account (Not obligatory)
  • Share the social link in the comments on Steemit to get extra exposure (Not obligatory)
  • First publishing must be on Steem blockchain.

Thank you and Music On!

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It would be useful to show all times as the standard UTC times as well...

✔️ Thanks

The Hispanic community for Dtubers of Venezuela @vdc will continue to provide assistance and support to all Spanish language users who start in this contest as well as support in the future with part of the awards to participants. We are very happy with the growth of the contest and with the contribution that Venezuelan musicians and singers give to it. With your permission we will share and translate this information for the entire Spanish-speaking community and let the success continue.

Translated with (free version)

La comunidad hispana para Dtubers de Venezuela @vdc seguirá brindando asistencia y apoyo a todos los usuarios de la lengua española que inician ene este concurso así como también apoyará en el futuro con parte de las premiaciones a los participantes. Estamos muy contentos con el crecimiento del concurso y con el aporte que los músicos y cantantes venezolanos dan al mismo. Con su autorización vamos a compartir y traducir esta información para toda la comunidad hispanohablante y que continúen los éxitos.

This is my entry to Costest week number 3. Greetings from Venezuela

Nota: Quienes usen la aplicación de Video DTUBE para su participación solo agreguen a su post el tag #musicforsteem para que los curadores puedan visualizarlo, de igual manera a la comunidad hispana los invitamos a utilizar el tag VDC para identificarnos como familia venezolana. Suerte a todos.

Thanks a lot!

How was that sir i made it by photoshop...


Looks good! Maybe too much text?

Yes sir it's full profile of musicforsteem

Mi participación en el music for steem semana 3, espero disfruten el video, Saludos a todos

Thanks a lot!


Seguramente aumentará considerablemente el número de participaciones validas, buenísimo! ^-^

Hola amigos de @musicforsteem aquí les dejo mi entrada... Suerte para todos los demás participantes.


This is a great song

Just curious does the song have to be an original?