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Hello Steemingzen, I am @fabio2614, your Steeming Community moderator, from the Philippines. Today I will announce the "Top 5 Picks" of the day. These posts will then be recommended for booming curation support. Please understand that we are not curators and some of these posts might not be curated. Just keep creating quality content then. Also, always keep in mind the agreed 30% payout for @steemingcuration as this is number one in the moderators' checklists. Aspire to be always one of the "top lists" as the chance of getting booming support is greater.


1. @marisabril

Screenshot_20210724-232816_Samsung Internet.jpg

Photography Thursday 07-22-2021 // Town of Cerezal - Venezuela

2. @abdulrazak

Screenshot_20210724-233536_Samsung Internet.jpg

Memories of My Sweet Sixteen

3. @hidayat96

Screenshot_20210724-233924_Samsung Internet.jpg

Contest Memories of My Sweet 16 | "Reminiscing College Memories" by @hidayat96

4. @andreyohari

Screenshot_20210724-234143_Samsung Internet.jpg

Steeming Community Contest | Throwback: "Memories of Your Sweet 16" by @andreyohari

5. @nanidi


Throwback: "Memorias Of My sweet 16" // por @nanidi.

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  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in this community.

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  • Once you agreed to become a steemingzen, do not forget to set 30% of your post payout to @steemingcuration and use #steemingcharity10pc as a tag whenever you post your content at Steeming Community.
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Wow que feliz me hace estar dentro las publicaciones del día 👏🏻. Gracias

Thank you very much @fabio2614 😊