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Hello, my name is Alejandro. My alias is @psicoparedes. Greetings to the entire Steeming community, I hope everyone is well. This publication is a weekly report that I have wanted to do, to show my work as a curator and suggester within this community. Here, on Saturdays, I will post a list of users I have visited throughout the week.


Every day, we as mods are always suggesting posts for Booming support. It is the duty that has been given to us. Therefore, there is always work to do. In addition to helping new people, changing badges, guiding and supporting others. It's hard work at times, but we try to do the best we can. That is why we always try to run contests within the community, to encourage interaction and activity.

On this occasion, I want to leave you below a list of people (and their respective post) whom I have visited, commented on and suggested their publication for the community support team. This is just an informational post. I will also be leaving some more activities performed, such as curations I have done and other things.

The publications that I think were good enough to be suggested to Booming's curator team this week were the following:


@boboyankyContest by @boboyanky Task:Memories Of Your Sweet 16
@aronexxonMy Message To Parents 👉 Children Can Feel Their Parents' Negative Emotions Too
@mariaramosIoThe Diary Game Betterlife: Día De Ascenso Laboral
@erika.alvarezSteeming Community Contest |Throwback:"Memories of Your Sweet 16" por @erika.alvarez
@danieli98Celebrando el día del niño en una comunidad/ Celebrating children's day in a community {ESP/ENG}

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As a curator within this awesome community, it is also a labour of mine to go look for good content to curate. We are growing quickly; hence, more people need to be reached out. I am always looking for non-curated posts within Steeming, so all those people who make quality content can have an upvote from our main curation account. We always try to reach out the highest amount of people we can. Next, I want to provide a list of users and their posts, which I have curated throughout all this week.

@aridhaauliyaSteeming Community - profil ulama Indonesia yang terkenal di dunia imam nawawi al-bantani
@saneunjiMy Source of Strength and Happiness
@realworld23Steeming Community - Edisi lebaran idul fitri 1442H
@adsonThe Diary Game : 18 July 2021 | Today's Activities
@mariaramosThe Diary Game Betterlife: Día de Trabajo 17/07/21
@jovita30Steeming Community Contest |Throwback:"Memories of My Sweet 16" by @jovita30by
@adsonThe Diary Game : 19 July 2021 | With the baby
@elie456Happy for the gift of a friend on my birthday/ Feliz por el regalo de un amigo en mi cumpleaños.
@danieli98Un hermoso lugar para relajarse en familia/ A beautiful place to relax as a family {ESP/ENG}
@maykit55The Diary Game Betterlife: Día de Descanso
@magdiel07The Diary Game - 17/07/2021 - Sharing with #Steemit friends | El juego del diario – 17/07/2021 - Compartiendo con amigos de #Steemit - [ENG - ESP]
@nickjonHow To Be Successful In Life||30% Payout Goes To @steemingcuration
@andresrk[ESP/ENG] Dibujando Linda Modelo de Internet / Drawing Cute Internet Model by @andresrk
@izara94The Diary Game : 20 Juli 2021 | Suasana hari raya idul adha
@jenny018My First and Second Delegation on Steeming Community
@rosita-nkeforPencil Drawing of the day : 20-07-2021 by @rosita-nkefor
@sarixUna vampira soy🌛⭐️ Poetry N#78 -2021⭐️🌛I am a vampire
@elie456Sweet pepper plants that are loaded in abundance/ Plantas de pimiento dulce que se cargan en abundancia.
@bisayakalogContest: Memories of My Sweet 16 by @bisayakalog
@merlyned{ENG/ENG} Junk food that i love/ Comida chatarra que me encanta.
@danieli98Planta de trébol verde/ Green clover plant {ESP/ENG}
@eriionataCooking Lontong With Family for Eid Al-Adha
@aleisbertblancoTe enseño a realizar un Sombrero-Perrito en Globos|by @aleisbertblanco
@benson6Write Me A Love Poem
@alexanderpeaceContest ||Throwback:"Memories of my Sweet 16"|| A tale of betrayal, pain, frustrations and disappointment by @alexanderpeace
@daprado1999# My Sweet Sixteen
@abdulrazak1Memories of my sweet sixteen
@ylene74Jueves photography 22-07-2021 por @ylene74
@nanidiThrowback: "Memorias Of My sweet 16" // por @nanidi.
@dayographixSteeming Community Contest |Throwback:"Memories of Your Sweet 16" by Dayographix
@boboyankySalah Day
@boboyankyContest by @boboyanky Task:Memories Of Your Sweet 16
@aronexxonMy Message To Parents 👉 Children Can Feel Their Parents' Negative Emotions Too
@mariaramosIoThe Diary Game Betterlife: Día De Ascenso Laboral
@erika.alvarezSteeming Community Contest |Throwback:"Memories of Your Sweet 16" por @erika.alvarez

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We, as a community, have a goal. We want everyone to be part of the family, so we are always recruiting new members. Here, we have got a badge. The badge was named Steemignzen, which refers to the fact that you are, actually, an official member of this community. We sometimes see people posting within this community, and they do not have the Steemingzen badge. That is why, we, as moderators, need to encourage people to become part of the family and part of the goal as well. Therefore, I want to provide a list of users I encouraged and requested to become Steemingzen this week.

Petition toIn post

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No plagiarism was found this week.


How to make sure your post is within The Community Quality Criteria?

  • First of all, it has to be #steemexclusive. This is particularly important to bring the platform to life, as we contribute to the creation of original content for Steemit.

  • Secondly, publications cannot be plagiarized. Try to maintain the originality of your posts and quote your sources. Do not copy and paste content from external blogs or from other Steemians within the platform. That is absolutely forbidden.

  • Third, if preferable, use free-to-use images. Always try to quote the source of the images, or at least mention the platform or website from where you extract such images or illustrations.

Here are some publications of interest to the community.

Tags used in Steeming Community

Information about delegations for the community

Information about how to join the Steeming community trail

Markdown guide of Steeming Community

Important announcements from Steeming Community

Greetings from your moderator, @psicoparedes, representing
within the community of Steeming. Success for you, on behalf of the team.


Thank you very much for reading me this time. Feel free to leave your comments ⌨, so that we can have a better interaction. Greetings to the entire English-speaking community and neighboring communities as well.

Let's continue making Steemit a valuable platform, where we can all share our best experiences together, and may this become part of our best memories.

The used banners are of my own, through Canva. Illustrations and images through Pixebay under the Creative Commons license, except the cited images (if there is any). Personal emojis through Bitmoji. Gifs through GIPHY.

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@psicoparedes, our posts was recommended five days ago for booming upvote as top picks but we've not received any support from booming. Pls verify. This is the post link. All the post of 22/7/21.

Hello. I have asked about this issue. Perhaps the team is busy setting up the new monthly support. Just keep up posting, one of your posts may be curated

It's the second time my post is chosen as top pick but was never curated. It's discouraging.

Sorry for that man, that does not depend on us. We are not the curators in that case. We only suggest posts, but curations are not guaranteed