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Hello, my name is Alejandro. My alias is @psicoparedes. Greetings to the entire Steeming community, I hope everyone is well. This publication is intended to show what my selection of
the top five (5) posts
in the community was today.


On Fridays, I will be in charge of selecting which publications I consider of good quality based on the criteria and standards of the community, to be suggested for the support of the Booming team within our community.

Something to take into account, my esteemed Steemingzen, is that the fact that I choose your publications to be suggested for the curator team, does not 100% guarantee that the support team will give you an upvote. Remember, we are not the curators in this case. We simply do our job by recommending publications to them, which we consider to be good quality posts.

In this case and, today, the publications that I think are good enough to be suggested to Booming's curator team are the following:


@boboyankyContest by @boboyanky Task:Memories Of Your Sweet 16
@aronexxonMy Message To Parents 👉 Children Can Feel Their Parents' Negative Emotions Too
@mariaramosIoThe Diary Game Betterlife: Día De Ascenso Laboral
@erika.alvarezSteeming Community Contest |Throwback:"Memories of Your Sweet 16" por @erika.alvarez
@danieli98Celebrando el día del niño en una comunidad/ Celebrating children's day in a community {ESP/ENG}


How to make sure your post is within The Community Quality Criteria?

  • First of all, it has to be #steemexclusive. This is particularly important to bring the platform to life, as we contribute to the creation of original content for Steemit.

  • Secondly, publications cannot be plagiarized. Try to maintain the originality of your posts and quote your sources. Do not copy and paste content from external blogs or from other Steemians within the platform. That is absolutely forbidden.

  • Third, if preferable, use free-to-use images. Always try to quote the source of the images, or at least mention the platform or website from where you extract such images or illustrations.

Here are some publications of interest to the community.

Tags used in Steeming Community

Information about delegations for the community

Information about how to join the Steeming community trail

Markdown guide of Steeming Community

Important announcements from Steeming Community

Greetings from your moderator, @psicoparedes, representing
within the community of Steeming. Success for you, on behalf of the team.


Thank you very much for reading me this time. Feel free to leave your comments ⌨, so that we can have a better interaction. Greetings to the entire English-speaking community and neighboring communities as well.

Let's continue making Steemit a valuable platform, where we can all share our best experiences together, and may this become part of our best memories.

The used banners are of my own, through Canva. Illustrations and images through Pixebay under the Creative Commons license, except the cited images (if there is any). Personal emojis through Bitmoji. Gifs through GIPHY.

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Great picks

Thank you mam 😊