A Change of Plans

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The dinner was meant to be on the 7th of August. However, due to the new Covid-19 restrictions, where the number of household visitors allowed will be reduced from 5 people to 2 persons only, we decided to bring forward the dinner before restrictions take effect.

Due to the last minute change in plans, not all were able to make it on time. Those who can make it, arrived at 3 pm. Those who had to work joined us, when they knocked off from work. The dinner was at our friend Ernest’s place, where he volunteered to cook for us again.

We started with afternoon tea at 3 pm. Coffee/tea, cakes and nibbles. For those who are new to my blog, when this group gathers, thoughts of dieting were put aside. It’s a day of eating, chatting, bantering and teasing.

Lovely Nonya Kueh Salat from Chalk Farm cake shop.

Chips and nibbles.

They say time passes quickly when you are having fun. It is true. Times passes very quickly for us on such days.

Soon, it was time for dinner. We help to set the table while Ernest excused himself to cook Paella rice and put the final touches to the cheese and salad.

A lovely bowl of salad.

Cheese - Raclette Ronde Cheese, Camembert cheese and Smoked cheese herbs.


Cold cuts - roast duck, salami, pate, and smoke ham.

Lovely soft buns, so good you can eat it on its own.

Of course, something to drink. White wine from New Zealand. I think this one was past its best. But still drinkable.

A sneak preview in the kitchen. Paella rice dish.

Paella is a rice dish originally from Valencia. It is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine.

It was Ernest’s first attempt at this dish. The result was very good. It tasted as good as it looked.

This was the rice used.

It was a scrumptious meal. As usual, there was plenty to eat.

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none of the food i can consume due to being diabetic

You can watch me eat. 😊

Hi Vincent long time no see. Those meals looking great. I like that you all didn't use a lot of utensils or plates/bowls and that means less washing the dishes after the meal 😄you all lucky having Ernest who loves to cook a yummy dish like that of Paella 😋

Hi @cryptokannon. Thank you for your comments.
Yes, we are lucky that Ernest is a very good cook, and he loves to cook.

How are things with you? Are you back full time?
Have a great weekend! 😊

I'm always here but lately, I'm more hands-off than before. I'm exploring other ways of doing things around here as I get bored easily with routine 😅

Ah! I see. Good luck and best wishes in whatever you are doing. 😊

Cheese and wine!! Yummy.