Steeming Community comment contest || HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT?? || Date: 22nd July,2021

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"About The Contest"

Steemit has become an integral part of our lives. While spending time on Steemit, we do a lot of activities, face a lot of events. Some posts touch our minds, some moments make us feel bad, some events make us laugh. We can share with others what we witnessed or happened to us on Steemit. This is our 30th day of the contest.

Please write in the comment section "HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT."


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You can make your entry till 23rd July at 5.59 PM UTC. This contest will be done on daily basis.

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Yesterday 22 July 2021 was an interesting day for me in Steemit. I have power up my account by 50 Steem. This increased my Steem Power from previous Steem power 713.663 to new Steem power 763.663.

In the evening, I have submitted my entry for Race #30 - PUF1 GRAND PRIX Contest which was going on in Promo Steem community. Later, I have been declared as one of the winners. Hence, I was very happy.

Word Count : 74.

How I Spent Yesterday

Yesterday was just full of engagement especially from morning till evening time was for to change cassava to garri and as God will have it, I was able to achieve that in style.


Please whatever you do in this life, be mindful of people you tell your secret to because is not everybody is worth the name friend.

Thanks @steeming curation.
I spent my 21st very well. I was just home watching with my siblings. I later on decided to take pictures with them and called it a day


I am always happy and proud for been a Steemian, since I always get something new to learn when ever I open my steem account. On 22nd July, 2021 I had another chance to participate in both daily and a weekly contest. And who was among the lucky ones in the daily contest. I was also able to participate in a contest "memories of my sweet sixteen", even though I was having a busy day, I still managed to write on that.


Mi dia de ayer y días anteriores ha estado un poco apagado en #steem, he tenido pocos votos en mis publicaciones, he estado un poco desanimada, pero estoy planeando muchas cosas para actualizarme, para aportar a la comunidad, temas y contenido original para la plataforma.

Y con la fe que voy a surgir y voy a crecer en la plataforma, seguiré perseverando, participando en concursos, desafíos, redactando mi #thediarygame.


  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thursday (July 22, 2021), like other days from morning to evening I am at the office working to complete assignments, but on the sidelines of my busy life I take the time to open a steemit account.
I completed 2 posts and also delegated the power of steem, including for the steeming community. In addition, as usual I resteem, comment and upvote on some posts.

Thank you @steemingcuration and @boss75

Hola amigos stemians, ayer Miercoles realicé 2 concursos, siempre que me quedo sin contenido para publicar recurro a los amigos de @ disconnet ellos agrupan todos los concursos que se encuentran esparcidos por toda la cadenas de bloques, y son muchísimos la cantidad de concursos, da para escoger... tambie lei, vote y comente por algunas publicaciones de clntenido original y tambien respondi a las notificaciones que tenia en mi buzon. Aunque no publique tambien redacte el post de una pizza express que realice en casa recientemente, posiblemente lo publico mañana... fue un dia movido en Steemit, saludos

Mi día en Steemit fue un poco largo primero busque varios concursos para realizar y le di restrems a los que más me gustaron, luego lei unas publicaciones para posteriormente hacer dos publicaciones que me gustaron mucho realizarlas, la primera era de la comunidad Steem Argentina que trataba sobre la historia detrás de nuestro usuario y la otra publicación fue sobre el agua.



I was just in front of my monitor the whole 11 hours yesterday for work. After that, I grabbed my smartphone, scrolling everything on steemit. But I was drained, it seems that my mind won't work, the feeling that you want to go out, but you can't because of heavy rain. 😭 So, I just make some crafts and arts, tried again if I still can. After that, I cooked dinner early and slept early.

Greetings steeming Community
I entered my account in the morning and checked my notifications as usual. And i was so happy because I saw a notification that i had just worn a contest. Here is a screenshot 👇👇

I then went fort to participate in this contest of yesterday and exit my account.
I logged in again at night and Just commented on people's posts and also replied to comments on my block that is how I spent my day on steemit yesterday
Thanks for reading


Hello lovely Steemingzen, how are you all doing?
My yesterday was good but tiring. I went to school to submit some files and then from there I went to my friend's house to get something but as I got there we gisted, argued for sometime, we also roast corn and pear which we ate. After I came to my Steemit to go through some posts. I commented, upvoted and resteemed some contents. I also participated in the daily contest in steeming community. My eyes started itching me so I had to stop looking at the screen and slept off.

¡Hola queridos amigos de #steemingcommunity, saludos desde Coro - Falcón, venezuela!

Un gusto participar cada vez que puedo aqui ya que uno se siente valorado cuando decimos que hicimos ayer en #steemit, como siempre les digo, excelente trabajo de @steemitcommunity y @boss75.

Ayer publique aquí mi juego del diario donde hable de un resumen de varios días, de como ya le tengo el regalito de mi mamá que cumple años este venidero 26 de julio. Aca les dejo el link.

The Diary Game|22-07-2021|@yancar| .Dia 75. temporada 3.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 11.52.59 AM (1).jpegCocinando la pata

Tambien realice un post propio en nuestra comunidad hermana de #steemsport, donde hablo de Los Juegos Olimpicos de Tokio 2020, y de la oportunidad que tenemos para que nuestros atletas nos brinden una medalla de oro, plata o bronce.


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 10.43.55 PM.jpeg
Todos somos VENEZUELA

Bueno mis amigos me despido, se me cuidan, bendiciones.

Hola amigos hermosos.

¿Como se encuentran hoy?
¡Genial Verdad!

Paso por aqui para infromarles las cosas súper buenas que hice ayer, a nivel personal trabaje mucho como siempre, tenia días pensando en publicar algo muy bonito dedicado a mi hijo Austin, cada año desde que nacio le hago un lindo escrito y ya está proximo a cumplir sus 3 añitos y por consiguiente aprovecche la oportunidad de que en la comunidad #steem-bru semanalmente hay concurso acerca de los NIÑOS DEL MUNDO. Realice un post maravilloso presentandoles a #steemit a mi amado hijo, lo titule EL AMOR MÁS GRANDE DEL PLANETA



Saludos desde #Venezuela

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