Grouchy and the Lego camera

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This is my little cobber Grouchy; Most of you know him but some might not. You can scroll back through my blog and find his introduction post if you like, but all you really need to know is that he's my buddy.

Grouchy loves Lego and whilst I've been working from home in a bid to distance myself from the infected has been pestering me to play Lego with him...Of course, I've been the good conscientious worker that I am and have avoided the temptation.

He was at me all day yesterday and after a lot of whinging I finally lost my temper.

Would you fuck off you little bastard...Go and entertain yourself! I said. I'm working!

Grouchy isn't one for overt displays of emotion, but I think his face changed a little...I felt sorry for him immediately, but stuck to my guns and sent him packing to find something to do. I had peace and quiet at last, and set to working.

I came across Grouchy a little later and apologised for being so stern with him explaining that I had to work. He was ok about it...Quite relaxed actually...Then I spotted it...The half drunk bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black whiskey. What had he been doing, I thought to myself...Drinking obviously, but what else...

Here's the pictorial story of his afternoon

Grouchy had skulked out of my home office and headed to the Lego room. I don't know how long it took him but he ended up making this camera. I think he did a pretty good job too!

It started off innocently enough I guess, but without supervision Grouchy got a bit out of control. He started taking pictures of himself with that camera... Nude pictures too! Well, I guess the little fella is always nude but I think he liked the idea of nude [artistic] selfies like @eveuncovered sometimes takes and well...I know whose I'd rather look at...But it seems Grouchy fancies himself as a bit of a nude model. Here he is channelling the devil, above.

I'm not sure about this one...Was he trying to depict Christ on the cross or is he supposed to be some sort of sexual deviant awaiting the ministrations of a dominatrix? I think the latter, knowing the little dude as I do.

He told me he calls this self portrait G-dog's a dick because he won't play Lego with me. I suppose he thinks that's funny. I reminded him that my job puts food on the table, and Lego in the Lego room...He seemed to pull his head in after that.

Before long he fell off the wagon, and cracked open my johnny Walker Double Black whiskey and a Cuban cigar. I think he downed a few whiskey's and it got a little crazy from there.

Unfortunately some of the photos are not appropriate for my blog however you'll have to trust me when I say they're better unseen anyway. I'll give credit though, he tried a more moody black and white shot, the inspiration of which came from @eveuncovered I'm sure. Looking at it now...Nah, I'd still rather look at Eve's, but I have to give him points for effort.

The little guy even risked life and limb by getting up close with Cleo. Grouchy resembles one of her cat toys and whilst I've tried to explain to her that he's not for playing with he has found his noggin being crushed by her razor sharp teeth on occasions. He takes the punishment well though. Here you can see a shot he took of himself being brave.

Old mate Grouchy is a bit of a joker. He likes a drink way too much, eats far too much junk food, has a fairly grouchy temperament and has a penchant for mischief, a knack for finding trouble and never wears clothing but he's a good buddy and is a decent cobber to build Lego with.

After seeing how creative he got yesterday afternoon I decided to ignore the fact he'd got drunk on my whisky; After all, a little dude who can build a working Lego camera simply has to be legit right?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well

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