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Mushroom hunting can be a rewarding and satisfying adventure, spending time during the weekend, or sharing a fun day with friends. Yep, it happened after one of them told me there was a good spot for mushroom hunting, that was a palm plantation. After all set, we departed to the location that was straightly welcome me with the challenging tracks. It's all fine! I had to get there whatever it takes. Soon, I got there, I spotted a lot of mushrooms were growing in the random humid ground, many of them grow on the debris.

Due to they grew in the shady spot, I managed to take them out to the light. Some little mushrooms are very small that took me some time to get the focus. The closer I look at fungi the more I love to shoot and I wish I had much time to take more shots. This typical mushroom is known Tiny Forest Mushroom ) that usually grow on the twigs, small branches of conifers and deciduous broadleaf trees.

As we know, the mushroom is classified into two common categories, they are edible or shiitake and inedible mushroom. A lot of edible mushrooms are often found in the wild and so inedible ones. Here, I am not talking about the edible or inedible but I would rather talk about the beauty look of the mushroom through the close-up shots.






CameraNikon D7000
CategoryFungi Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
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Wonderful to see this.. This mushrooms are looking awesome. I saw this much after a long time. It is looking very beautiful. I am impressed with this mushrooms..

Hope brother is well? I am very glad to see you today.Great photography of your mushroom. I was impressed by your photography. Thank you very much bro.

Really it's so tiny but Aswame capture, thanks much