Top 3 Daily Quality Posts 75% Upvote + Steem Prize Contest - Beauty of Creativity - 22-MAR-2023

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Hi everyone.

Thanks to all curators who support the BoC member's posts. The beauty of Creativity Community is a great place for people to show off their creative talents. Nowadays, our community has become very popular among the people. We try to support every potential post but due to increasing the subscription, we cannot support every single post on a daily base. For giving vote to quality post, we are managing the daily quality posts support contest. so, share your entity on daily base in our contest.

Aim of Contest:

A contest that will held on to a daily base in which we will select and curate the top 3 creative posts with a 100% voting percentage from the @beautycreativity account and also appreciate them by sharing some prizes.


Top 3 daily picking posts for this contest and the prize pool distribution wining criteria is here. Due to market crash, i am decreasing the prize pool. after the Market recovery, I will increase it.

1st Position2nd Position3rd Position
75% Upvote75% Upvote75% Upvote
1.5 Steem1 Steem0.5 Steem

1st Position
Post Link


BoC- line.png

2nd Position
Post Link


BoC- line.png

3rd Position
Post Link


Contest Rules:

  • Publish your posts in the Beauty of Creativity Community.
  • Must add the 10% beneficiary to the @beautycreativity account.
  • Must use the #boc tag in your post.
  • Every photograph must be yours.
  • Add a minimum of 50 words in your post that must be related to your content.
  • Plagiarism contents will be mute without listening any arguments.
  • User must be manually verified from our community teams and also have verified label.

BoC- line.png

Delegate to @beautycreativity

Join our friendly discord server. Discord Server.

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Thank You

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Thank you so much for selecting my post as top post.
I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

Congratulations to the winners. Also best of luck.