My Photography: Cat Explorer 🐈

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My Photography: Cat Explorer 🐈



Camera Details- Realme c25s
Location :- Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Hello dear friends 🤗 Hopefully all are well and in sound health. I am back again with another photography post.

This is Lazy cat, I see the cat roaming right in front of our house for a long time. Most of the time he sits somewhere and rests. Eating and sleeping are its main functions. Yesterday I saw this cat on some wood piles and turned on my mobile camera to take a picture of it.




Camera Details- Realme c25s
Location :- Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Right next to our building a cat on the roof of another house gave birth to two kittens. All the time this cat is running around to collect food. And her two little children were making a lot of mischief on the roof. I enjoy their mischief when I get time.



Camera Details- Realme c25s
Location :- Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This cat is always on our stairs. I feed this cat all the time, he is very much like our pet cat. But he has a bad habit, if he gets a chance, he starts eating inside the house.




Camera Details- Realme c25s
Location :- Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cute kitten, this baby is on our roof. My daughter Elma loves this cat very much. We occasionally feed this little kitten. My daughter sometimes insists on bringing the kitten home but I don't want to bring the kitten home due to her maintenance issues.

I hope you like my cat pictures today.
If you like my pictures then I hope your valuable feedback. I love to take pictures so I always hope to be able to give you some beautiful pictures. Wishing everyone good health, I bid farewell today. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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The cat photographs look very beautiful. thank you.

Thank you so much Limon for always supporting my content.

@emranhasan this cat is looking very cute and beautiful love From @mrdani12

Thank you so much my brother 😊

This cat is very cute.

Thank you so much for your nice compliment.

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Thank you so much brother for supporting my content.