Some random photography along the way

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Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you are all well.I am very well. @mohamad786, I live in Sirajganj district of Rajshahi division of Bangladesh. I am studying in Sirajganj Government College.

I love to travel and have taken some beautiful photographs along the way. So I shared these random photographs with you. First I have shared with you the beautiful flower photography of Pata Bahari.


Device:6 Pro

I saw beautiful marigold flowers on the side of the road. And I really liked the marigold scenes. So I shared some beautiful photography with you.


Device:6 Pro

I saw a beautiful sight of two coconut trees on the side of the road. I really like these scenes of coconut trees. Looking at the sky is a beautiful moment in this coconut tree.


Device:6 Pro

Then I was walking over the big pool. On the way to it, I took beautiful photography of Barapool. I really like the moment of walking on Barapool. So I shared this photography with you.


Device:6 Pro

Then I was looking at the beautiful scenes of running in the busy city. Really people are running one after another to their destination. So I took this scene and shared it with you.


Device:6 Pro

Then I took a rickshaw ride and photographed this beautiful scene on the way. I really like the beautiful moments of the city.


Device:6 Pro

I really enjoyed walking around the city and doing some random photography of the beauty. So I shared these photographs with you. I hope you will like my photographs today.

Phone Details

CameraRedmi 6 Pro
EditingOnly seturation
LocationRajshahi - BD[🇧🇩]

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