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Given to you steemit update in the platform for the role of Country Representatives dated 14th June 2022 Link, I hereby apply for this noble role of a country representative for Nigeria. It would be an honor to serve this great country in this capacity knowing fully well what it entails to get the required task done.

I will be making my entry in line with the criteria given in the update.

Steemit enga(11).jpg


Active on the platform for at least the past 3 months



Just as seen in my introduction post, I joined the Steemit Platform on the 6th of November 2020 and have never left the platform for a day. This simply translates to 1 year and 8 months of being active on the platform.


At least 1000 SP of their own (not delegated)



Presently I have more than the minimum requirement of 1000SP for this role. My current Steem power level just as seen from the screenshot is +4K SP. This fit has been achieved by my continuous power-ups and active blogging on the platform.


A reputation of at least 60



My reputation from the screenshot is already above the threshold of 60 as required.


Live permanently in the country they want to be a Country Rep for


I am a citizen of my current place of residence. Nigeria is a federation with three (3) major ethnic groups; Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. Fortunately, I will say I am a mixed breed of these major groups.

It happened that my birthplace was in the Northern region of the country (Hausa), did my compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps in the Western region (Yoruba), and finally a native of the Eastern region of the country (Igbo). I will say that I understood the terrain and behavioral tendencies of these different ethnic groups.

I am currently residing in the South-Eastern part of the country at the moment.


Be fluent in the main language of the country they want to be a Country Rep for


Just as mentioned above, there are three major ethnic tribes and these make up the major speaking areas of this respective zone. But the official language of communication is English and colloquial Pidgin English. Most times we see the colloquial means of communicating as more effective as this has a lateral and softer way of reaching out to both literate and non-literate.

I am fluent in the English language both in its Speaking, Listening, and Written levels. Also fluent in using the colloquial Pidgin English language as well as my native language, Igbo.


Have a CSI and voting pattern that clearly demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians in the country they want to be a Country Rep for.



I have adopted a pattern by which I upvote different steemians rather than the same set of users constantly. This has helped bring diversity in voting rather than favoritism.

Below also have an overview of my club status at the time of this report.



Why am I suitable for the CR Role


Since my entry into the platform and my experience at different mentoring levels, I believe I have garnered the prerequisite experience execute the role of a CR effectively.

I have worked closely with my previous country representatives (CRs) who have worked tirelessly for the growth of steem in the country. I was opportune to work with these CRs ( @focusnow, @whitestallion, @bright-obias, and @ngoenyi) in different capacities to have a first-hand experience and practical knowledge of what it entails to lead, mentor, and promote steem's growth in the country.

I was also amongst the greeter-fairy team who were constituted in the Newcomers community by mentor @cryptokannon with the task of reviewing achievement tasks in the Newcomers community, by way of mentoring and grading/upvoting users.

In addition, the zeal to always unite our people has been there despite how little this has been done in my own corner. Several users in the community today have passed through my mentorship with a reputation score of 60 and above and newbies have also been onboarded as a going concern.

In sealing off this drive, fortunately, the Nigerian face in the Platform was created and I happen to be a co-founder in this great Community called #steem4nigeria. It was created and launched by a team comprising the CRs, Professors, Greeter-Helpers, etc. We have collectively launched contests, promote steem growth and as well guide users on how best to navigate through the platform.

We are also collectively happy as a country in Steemit that Steem4Nigeria Community was nominated in the ongoing Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2. So far, we're having a good ride given the tons of entries and engagement seen.

I do hope that the opportunity to serve my country on the platform is also honored through the CR Role in order to propagate the course of Steem's growth and development in various capacities.


Cc: steemitblog

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Hey brother, you have done great on this platform, I wish you the best in this application

Thanks friend. It's my will to continue the good will and best for the Steem growth and development.
Thanks for engaging, @chiabertrand

Best of luck bro. 🤞

Thank you @steemdoctor1 for the wishes.

You have been an integral part of us. One thing I appreciate about you is consistency, which is a key element of leadership. Even since you joined, you have demonstrated that you want to be here by consisitently publishing quality content and supporting our various projects.

I have worked with you as a Greeter in Newcomers community and I have seen that you have both the drive and the right attitude to occupy leadership position. I wish you all the best and hope you will be appointed to this postion

Thank you great mentor for the opportunity to also learn through your vast professionalism in the platform. Though still learning from you each time i come across your steemexclusive content. I hope to keep the drive alive and help in the steem growth development as well as guiding in the participation of Nigerians and others on the platform.

Thank you for the encouragement and engagement.

You are very good at what you do. You have also contributed much to steemgrowth through your activities and powerups. I wish you all the best of luck 🤞

Thank you great boss @ngoenyi. Your words are usually encouraging and motivating. Thank you for the best wishes.

I have known you to be one of the hardworking Steemians, your commitment to the development of several communities is highly commendable.

In addition, you have been committed to creating great content and assisting Steemians (both new and old) and I believe it can only get better with you.

Having satisfied these basic requirements, I am confident you would make a great CR. I wish you the best on this, sir.

I hope to do more on any of the platforms with the mindset of moving steem's growth and development to the next level. The opportunities to achieve continuous fit in the steemit platform are not limited by our space but rather abound as we collectively drive this agenda.
Thank you @fredquantum, for your great thoughts.

From the time you joined the platform, you have been relentless in you're activities on the platform. I have also had great experiences working with you on certain projects on the platform,
So I know you will do well If selected for this amiable position.

Wish you success in your application.

Thank you boss @benton3. It has been great working with great minds like you. What else can we do for the platform rather than helping and driving the growth and sustenance of the platform? Nice, engaging you, Boss.

You have been a Consistency user ever since and your activities on the platform are great, the roles of a cr is what I know is within your reach, I will be happy if you were to to chosen amongst the crs in Nigeria

Thank you @olabillions, for the great comments. I will continue to do my best in the promotion of steem growth development. All activities tailored in a way it brings inclusiveness to all country users.

Thank you bro, for the engagement.

I trust you will
Best of luck

You're a very experienced user and you've worked with amazing steemians which I believed have given you a level of exposure and capacity to deliver on this job. I believe you can. I wish you the very best.

Thank you @ihorgic for the review. I'm glad for the best wishes. Hope to deliver even much more than expected.

I wish you the very best my boss. You will indeed make a good country representative after seeing all your activities and contribution on this amazing platform. Best of luck bro.

I will continue to contribute my best to the growth of this great platform. Thank you @simonnwigwe for reaching out.

Like the saying goes, "who the cap fit, let him wear it". I will not be exaggerating to say that you deserve what you have applied for because beyond meeting the requirements of this reputable platform for such a position, you have stood tall for the success of everyone coming through your way on this platform and that's one of the qualities of a representative - a good one per say. You are liberal when it comes to ideas and you have a sound mentorship ability, interested in other people's success, and given all within your disposal to see that anyone and everyone finds his/her place in this platform - which have benefited many. Being always open to questions and ever ready to offer counsel makes you worthy of a mentor and a representative. I wish you all the very best and the position you have applied for.
See you there!

Thank you my brother for all the wonderful assessment, encouragement and best wishes here. I will continue to do that which is inherent in me to do vis-a-vis the overall advancement of steem growth.
Thank you, @hisgeneral

One of the driving force behind the steem4nigeria community. I commend your hardwork and commitment to the growth of Steemit. I hope you can be given this opportunity as a CR for Nigeria.

I wish you all the best with your application.

Thank you my boss for the timely recommendation. I hope to continue my contribution towards the overall success of all.

I wish you the best! I know you're a nice and hardworking person within this few months I worked with you. You carry out your work responsibly

Thank you @goodybest for such a trusted observation. Hope to always put in more efforts for the development and expansion of Steem growth.

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Thank you for the support

Saludos amigo @xkool24, te deseo éxito en esta aplicación y que hagas un gran trabajo en tu país Nigeria.

Dios te guarde y bendiciones

Thank you respected, nice having you around in my page after awhile.
Do have a great weekend.👍

You have contributed greatly in steemit growth .I have gone through some of your article very meaningful and interesting .Being the CR of your country I know you will do well as usual .I fully support you ✌️✌️✌️.Goodluck

Thank you @wirngo for those best wishes and encouragement for the CR Role. Hope to be selected just as you've wished.

You are wlc

Congratulations in advance for this role. There's no doubt you've mentored several users on this platform as newbies until their advance status. The patience, the zeal, the activeness to deliver all assigned duties diligently has distinguished you so far.

Hope to congratulate you once again on your selection.

Thank you so much for this recommendation as well as your motivation. Hope to do more for the platform at any given capacity.
Thanks , once again.

I think this is also coming timely when I've decided to be active in Steemit Platform with you as my mentor. Choosing you to mentor me is also a light at the tunnel for me given to your experience in the community.

Big congratulations to you.

Hahaha 😊, I can imagine the engagement from you. All the same, thanks for the best wishes.
Waiting for you to start up the mentoring Process.