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Hi Friends, it is with Joy I engage you all once.l again in my blog on Lifestyle as well as Health article. It is all about living a healthy life via ways in which we have relative control over some environmental limitations.

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Breathing Better in our respective homes can also be seen to be disadvantaged even with the presence of our heating and cooling systems, hence there's a need to imbibe routine maintenance and adherence to some of the mentioned concerns. Come to talk of it, some of our cooling and heating systems usually recirculate the air already in the house which may likely have a mix of dust, dirt, and pollens.

It is natural for us to know that when the weather is nice and favorable with low pollen counts, we should open up the ventilation points to freshen up the inside. This is most important in cases where we have fumes, cooking, heaters, etc.

Let us now proceed with some of the things needed to be done to enhance good Breathing conditions in our homes.

Use of Simple Cleaning Products

There are no doubts that we would always want to use sophisticated products while cleaning out homes but the fact remains, how well do these products interact with our health system. Some of these cleaning agents are harsh which hitherto may cause breathing problems or induce allergy or asthmatic attack. A worrisome situation is an effect even after usage, as well as its containers, dropped within the house premises. In choosing our cleaning agents, we should always look out for products without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Home-made cleaning products are also encouraged where plain Soap, Water, Vinegar, or Baking Soda are combined for use.

Use of House Plants in our Homes

Many have thought the use of plants in apartments is likened to come with class and status, instead, this is one of the ways to also have better breathing conditions at home. Home plants do not only bring good looks to homes but also help in the Removal of Carbon-dioxides CO² with relatively improved oxygen levels. They sometimes help in clearing chemical vapors from the air. Examples of easily grown home plants include the English Ivy, Ficus trees, Peace lilies, etc.

Routine maintenance on HVAC

Just as earlier said where we needed to do some checks on our heating and cooling systems, this should be done timely to remove issues inimical to our health breathing lifestyle. Filters from heating and cooling systems should be routinely cleaned as a dirty filter hinders the free flow of air which as well give rise to the growth of mold if damp. This can be done every 3 months but where the number of persons is more with also the presence of pets, this should be done monthly.

Mold Free Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the dampest area of the house due to the frequency of water usage in this area. Since we know that Fungus loves damp areas, we should try as much as possible to keep them clean, dry, and mold-free. The presence of mold invariably means that we may be inhaling spores that cause sneezing, coughing, and maybe other breathing issues. There are no best times to clean the bathroom rather than regularly before or after the presence of mold.

Use of Air fresheners


We love to use this due to its fragrance and pleasant smell while in use. This can also be a source of concern due to the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). For healthy and better breathing conditions, we are advised to look out for Organic Air Fresheners that do not have the VOCs. In extension, we should also check out aerosol sprays which may not be free of VOCs.

Thanks to everyone who made out time to go through this article. I hope it was educative as expected. There would be a later series to rap up on this.


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Interesting, i find this publication knowledgeable, health matters.

Come to talk of it, some of our cooling and heating systems usually recirculate the air already in the house which may likely have a mix of dust, dirt, and pollens

True. staying indoor for long with the rotation of your heating or cooling system changed the atmosphere in the room
Sometime in my case. The fan blow heat which is not always convenient for breathing as such i navigate outside for better atmospheric oxygen

Thank you for reading through the article @olabillions. We can only thrive to live healthy.