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Hi, great people of this noble community_ #Steem4Nigeria, it's my pleasure once again to drop these hints on Human and Health Tips but at this time I will be telling us about a plant commonly found in our gardens of different species named Aloe-Vera.

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This plant has continued to make some important impact for over a decade now and its predominant use and inclusion in our choice of plants in our gardens and home plants has continued to increase. This plant is known as Medicinal Aloe, and to some, it is commonly called Lily of the desert, Burn Plant, or Elephant Gall.

The Aloe Vera belongs to the family specie of succulent plants of the genus "Aloe" with origin traced as far back as 6000 years in Sudan. This is a plant that its usage and acceptance cut across so many nations like Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, India, etc. Notably, the plant grows well in warm and dry climates with predominance in India and Africa and other arid zones.


Some of the compounds found in the Aloe Vera plants are Mannans, Polysaccharides, Lectins, and Anthraquinones which are observed to be highly beneficial to Man's health. I will be giving us some of the enticing benefits of Aloe Vera which makes it a commonly used plant in most homes and gardens.


Benefits of Aloe Vera


Reduction of Blood Sugar Level:

The consumption of this plant (Aloe Vera) has strongly shown tendencies of a possible blood sugar reduction. A study carried out on diabetic rat models clearly with the use of aloe vera plants suggests that this plant is helpful in the ultimate reduction of blood sugar levels.

Prevention of Oxidative Stress:

The human body system is one that requires the intake of vitamins for proper functioning, hence the consumption of aloe vera is seen to contain most of the required vitamins capable of preventing oxidative stress in man. The body defense system is seen to be intact with the continuous availability of these vitamins in the system. Some of these vitamins in the aloe vera plants include; Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. It is also found to contain elements of folic acid and niacin in it which makes it richer in its composition.

Soothes Acid Reflux Symptoms:

Sometimes we often mistake seeing acid reflux as a disease whereas it is majorly a symptom of our commonly known heartburn and its discomfort. A natural remedy from a soothing aloe vera juice is known to have an effective turnaround of this discomfort. A known preventive way to this is to stay away from fried and processed foods.

Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides:

Intake of aloe vera juice is one of the surest ways of improving one's blood quality and rebalancing other blood components like cholesterol and glucose. It lowers the cholesterol and Triglycerides content of the blood when ingested. We also know that Blueberries are great agents in lowering one's cholesterol high levels. Therefore a combo of these duo (Aloe vera juice and Blueberries) could be a great remedy for lowering and rebalancing blood quality before using that powerful pharmaceutical drugs.

Improves Cardiovascular Functions:

Consumption of aloe vera juice or extracts is observed to accelerate the supply of blood to all parts of the organs as well as its purification. During this acceleration, oxygen is seen to move which helps in the full functionality of these body organs. We already know that the brain and heart are priority places that need this oxygen supply hence the aloe extracts is s good support for blood supply and its purification.

Act as Food Preservation:

A Professor from Miguel Hernandez University Spain, Daniel Valero has proved that the Aloe Vera gel is a good food preservative when used. This was concluded in his experience when some table grape fruits were immersed into a bowl of aloe gel and kept in a refrigerator. The ones without this immersion went bad within 7 days whereas those with the aloe gel were seen to remain refreshed for more than 35days with its taste intact.

Moreso, it was also observed that using fruits and vegetables immersed in aloe gel removes the presence of E.coli with a high propensity to retain shelf life and freshness. No wonder the FDA has approved the Aloe Vera as a natural food flavoring agent.


Delays the Age Process (Anti-aging Skin Care):

The use of aloe vera extracts in skin care and creams is on the high due to its anti-aging properties that delay the aging process. It acts as a wrinkle fader and skin rejuvenator which further keeps the skin fresh, supple, and bright. It has a very good penetrating ability that allows it to move into the different skin layers and sometimes into the muscles and bones.




The use of Aloe Vera gel cannot be overemphasized given its numerous benefits to humans. It has been further seen to help in the prevention of cancer growth, relief from side-effects of radiotherapy and arthritis, serves as an immune booster, etc. This succulent plant can be consumed by breaking off the stalks and extracting its gel-like substance. This can be ingested, applied on the skin, or combined with other natural ingredients before use.

Thank you guys for reading through my Human and Health Tips.

Written by: @xkool24

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Aloe Vera has proven to be a household name owing to its multiple uses and medicinal advantage. Thanks @xkool24 for just a wonderful reminder of the importance and benefits of Aloe Vera

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