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Great people of Steemit, it is my warmest pleasure to once again grace the opportunity to share some important articles with us. This time, it's all about Man's Lifestyle and Health which avails us some vital knowledge on how to harness the use of nature and its environs.

It is no longer news that the use of natural herbs in curbing some health concerns is on the increase just as see the use of neem leaves, basil, aloe vera, garlic, ginger, and mint leaves in the queue. So is the use of Papaya Leaves otherwise known as Paw-Paw Leaves in curbing some of the Health and Skin concerns. Though there may be difficulties consuming these leaves in their physical state, they can as well be made in their juicy form to allow for easy consumption.

Every part of the Pawpaw ringing from its fruit as well as the leaves is observed to serve different health purposes as it is known to contain multiple nutritional values like; Vitamins A, C, E, K, and Beta-Carotine which come with relatively high antioxidant properties. There is also the presence of enzymes like papain and chymopapain which is the mainstay in maintaining a stable digestive process which hence prevents the common digestive disorder inherent in humans. Aside from ameliorating digestive disorders, the papaya leaves have the ability to reduce incidences of dandruff and balding.

(Reproduced from canva)

Some Benefits of Papaya Leaf Juice

Having earlier told us that most of these leaves which we find medicinal for human consumption are mostly difficult if taken in their physical state, the need for making them in their juicy form comes in. These are some of the benefits inherent in the use of paw-paw leaves.

  • Reduction of Risks associated with Cancers occurrence

Extracts from the papaya leaf are observed to contain the acetogenin which happens to be a major anti-cancer property that fights the occurrence of Liver cancer, Lung cancer, pancreatic cancer as well as breast cancer. Studies from the Ethnopharmacology shows in a test tube study that this extract inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the breast and prostrate cancers. Perhaps, neither human nor animal experiments in this regard have been authenticated in modern medicine.

  • Proficient in enhancing Digestive disorders

Given to the presence of the rich presence of fiber in the papaya leaves, this has an improved stance in the digestive system of man. Issues of bloating, heartburn, constipation, and inadequate bowel movement are regularly handled by the intake of papaya juice. The presence of the papain and chymonpapain enzymes are hitherto the preventive properties that give more value to the papaya leaf with the capacity to heal and prevent stomach ulcers.

  • Comes with Anti-Malarial properties

Without an official; documentation in this regard, there is widespread evidence that papaya has properties that help cure malaria in human bodies. The papaya leaf contains the acetogenin contains the plasmodiastatic properties that cure the prevalent malaria fever.

  • Adequate Liver function

The papaya juice is observed to be a good cleaning fluid for the Liver. This is learned from its purification of the blood which hence lowers the cholesterol level inherent in Man. Lowered cholesterol brings about less lipid peroxidation which in extension protects the liver from free radicals associated with cirrhosis and jaundice which are healed during this cycle of lowered cholesterol level.

  • Source of Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

There is major breakthrough in the use of papaya juice in relation to its ability to lower complications associated with the concerns of diabetics. I have known to help in the regulation that oversees the production of Insulin in humans. Its strong antioxidant nature helps in lowering tense complications and aftermath of diabetic disorders that lead to kidney damage and fatty liver.

  • Treatment of Skin problems & Enhances Hair Growth

The presence of vitamins A and C in the papaya leaves makes it a veritable boost in skin health and healthier and radiant skin. With also the presence of the Karpain which suppresses the activities of free radicals as well growth of microbial activities, helps in ensuring protection from common skin issues like Acne, Pimples, and Freckles. When used as moisturizers, the papaya leaves have the ability to remove clogged pores and all these mentioned skin issues above.

In addition, the karpain in papaya improves hair growth in humans if consumed through the papaya juice. This compound is observed to also prevent balding and thinking of hair in humans. It is a main natural stay for removing the formation of dandruff, removal of dirt, and, excess oil and grime from hair if applied directly with the papaya leaf.

  • Boosts immunity

The presence of Phenolic, Papain, and Alkaloids in the papaya leaf enhances the human immune system. Due to their richness in the various known vitamins especially Vitamin c, it increases immunity which helps in the prevention of some common diseases within our environs. In addition, it also aids in the healing of wounds, cell regeneration, growth of body tissues, etc.

(Reproduced from canva)

Preparation of the Papaya Leaf Juice

These are some of the specific steps required while making the papaya leaf juice.

  • Collect 5 to 10 fresh and tender leaves of the papaya
  • Wash this leaf thoroughly in running water to remove dirt from leaves and contaminating substances
  • Enter the washed leaves into a jar and blend to smoothness
  • When the desired smoothness is achieved, sieve this juice to filter for use
  • Pour the fluid into containers and Refrigerate for subsequent use
  • The bitterness of the papaya can be combined with other juice to allow for an easy combination


Though there are still ongoing studies on the wide use and consumption of the papaya leaves in any form, it is known to have a relatively good safety status which overrides concerns that bothers about the doses administered at any point in time. Human studies already conducted in this have shown relatively low negative effects therein. Exceptions in consuming papaya are for those who have pronounced allergies as well as breastfeeding/pregnant women who need medical clearance before intake of any kind.

Thank you everyone for reading through this brief and concise article.


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It is actually a fruit of benefits. I love taking it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @analem for reading through. It has so many benefits indeed either as a fruit or leaf juice.


No doubt about that.

Pawpaw is one the fruits I love so much, though I prefer it half ripe. It's seeds and green top layer can be used to cure various sickness and disease when combined with other things.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thank you for going through my is indeed one of a variety fruit that supplement man's daily needs.

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