Dog Walks, Dog Walks and Skateboarding | My Quarantine Life Story

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Hello my friends.


Like most of you I spend most of my day at my house. I am lucky enough to have my beautiful girlfriend @illusivelf and my doggy living with me so my days are kinda fun you know.

Not much have changed for me though. The truth is that I was spending a good amount of hours in my house before the quarantine as a full-time Hiver and currently unemployed.

The only thing that has changed and irritates me is that I can no longer go out and skate the way I want too.
The whole city is full of cops and every time I go out to practice I get pulled over by them. THIS SUCKS.

I can completely understand and respect the government's orders to not go out for unimportant reasons but the cops do not seem to understand that skateboarding is a medicine for me. If I don't skate at least 3 times a week I feel like sh*t.

Good news are that I found a spot near my house where I can skate and not get harassed by the police.
Here is a photo of me skating this sweet spot

5-0 Grind

Dog walks, Dog Walks and Dog Walks

I really think that these quarantine days are like paradise for dogs. In my dog's case, he used to stay alone for over 4-5 hours every day and now guess what? Someone is always at home.
The best thing is that we are allowed to take our pets out for a walk for as long as we want too so my dog is enjoying 2 really big walks (1+ h) every day.

Having such a sweet and real excuse to get out feels so good!
I know that my photography skills and my mobile phone's camera suck but here are a some photos from our walking adventures at the forest!





Biggie is a hunting dog so he loves running free in the woods and smelling everything. The thing he loves most though is playing with pine cones. He doesn't even bother to play with other dogs when I have a pine cone at my hand. He just want me to throw it as far as I can and search for it.

I once read that dogs prefer to spent more time with humans than with other dogs and judging by mine it's definitely true! Hahaha.


The thing that saddens me most during this global epidemic is that people are loosing their jobs. This whole stay at home campaign sure is right but some people just do not have the money to survive if they are unemplyoyed. COVID-19 won't kill them but hunger might!

In my case the exact opposite happened. I was unemployed before this epidemic and my only source of income was my online income. Spending more time indoors has helped me reach a broader audience and my income is way bigger than it used to be. It's almost doubled. A coin has 2 sides and I always look at the bright one.

I am starting to discover new things I like doing and I am using my creativity more and more every day. I believe that creativity is the key ingredient to beat negativity.
Stay creative folks!

So, what's your #quarantine story? How are you spending your days?

50-50 Kickflip out

Thank you all for supporting me and reading my blog. I can't wait to hear your stories.
Much love to everyone and stay healthy.

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