Scarcity, fair-weather and keystone writing

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With all that has been going on, I have dropped the ball and forgotten that today, I have my infusion treatment at the hospital, as well as a thousand other things to do in the next few days of work. The treatment knocks me pretty hard for a few days at least with a throbbing head and general feeling of illness and massive lethargy, so getting anything done becomes a challenge.

Over the years, I have tried to test myself by writing under various conditions and feelings to see what happens and how I manage. It is a bit of a risk considering this is a public blockchain, but then risk is part of the model of life that has to be accepted, something many try to avoid. I have written very ill with a fever in the 40s, while my daughter was in the ICU at the hospital, after arguments with my wife, just after finding out I have lost work - and a thousand other circumstances. Oh, and drunk - occasionally.

I like writing under different conditions as it allows me the space to explore and process, even if I am not writing directly about the circumstances themselves. In some way, I see it like mental cross-training where I can stretch and work mental muscles and prepare them for whatever there else is to arrive. I think there are a lot of people who only perform when conditions are suitable for them, which is generally in the better times - fair weather operators.

I think the problem with this approach is that unfortunately, life doesn't care about what a person prefers, it just does what it does and we are left to deal with it. The less tools we have in our skill box, the less capable and the harder it becomes. Many think of resources as something external, like money or materials - but don't consider their own personal availability in the same way. We look at not having enough money for example as a scarcity factor - but when we shine that light internally, do we look with the same eye?

Often enough, I have spoken about skills being resources that we can leverage to generate income, yet when we look at the skills we hold, do we see the scarcity within? For example, patience is a skill that allows for better trading, but not many work at increasing their patience holdings in the same way they attempt to increase their wealth. Perhaps if they did, the wealth would generate faster also.

There are keystone habits and practices that have influence over other processes and the example I usually use is exercise. If a person exercises, it usually puts pressure on other factors of life including diet and other factors, like mood, health and longevity. You can't have a habit of mood, health or longevity - they have to be influenced by other factors, what we do.

What we do consistently becomes our habits and they turn into our personal resources that we can use to approach our life. We have skills in abundance or we can be scant skill and face scarcity.

My understanding of this has been personally bullet-pointed through my writing, as I am not a writer - But I am. Like going to the gym where the more I lift, the more I can lift - writing has been the same - the more I write, the more I can write. People have asked how I can do it and how they wish they could - it is easy - start writing consistently - don't stop.

Just like taking a break from exercise, the longer the gap, the harder and more painful it is to return. The results of exercise are poor or non-existent if it isn't done often enough, but the feeling is there that it "was done and it wasn't worth it". Good results rarely come without consistency and consistency isn't possible if a person is only able to work when conditions are favorable, because they rarely are.

It is because of this that I write as I do, when I do and about all the things I do, as it all becomes a part of a process of factors that compound against each other to develop my personal resources, patience, willingness, acuity and personal reflection - among a thousand other things. Writing is a keystone habit that influences me as a person and my abilities - and I believe that those who do it consistently find much the same result - just like those that exercise consistently generally improve their physical health.

But, like exercise - you can't get the personal benefits unless you do it yourself.

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Greetings @tarazkp! Long time, feeling great and you? Our health very paramount, the need to exercise every movable parts.

Do you exercise?