Steem Alliance Moderator recruitment - Phase 01

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Hope you all are well. Today I am here on behalf of this community and on behalf of @rme Dada to share an important announcement with you all.

Steem Alliance


made by @nusuranur


Today I bring an important post for all members of this community. Hope everyone will read this post seriously and all off your opinions are definitely wanted. I hope you all will read this post till the end and stay with us with all your important comments.

Today's post is important for all community admins, moderators. It is just as important for those who have been posting in this community for a long time. Because through today's post you will know the list of the new 1st moderator panel of this community. I hope that we will get everyone on our side to improve this platform.

Every community needs moderators to run well. So we have selected some moderators in the 1st stage.

A few days ago the founder of this community @rme dada posted about the moderator recruitment notice through a post.We selected moderators from among the commenters on that post.That is, from among those who applied in the comments.

Moderators are selected by the founders, co-founders and some members of admin panel of other community.

They are selected as moderators who are going with the requirement of Announcement:Moderator recruitment for Steem Alliance Community that post. This community of ours is very large and its work is also many. So this is not the final moderator panel. More moderators will be taken in this community later. This is the 1st round.

Who have we chosen as moderators?
(1st Round)

We have taken the 1st stage of those who have applied in the post of moderator recruitment circular to become a moderator and who are going with all the conditions of that post. With that, we have selected those who are most willing to work as moderators. It is not possible to appoint many moderators at the same time in the 1st time. Therefore, even if we wanted to, we could not take many at this moment. But we will definitely take them later.

Steemit Alliance Community Panel


Some important words for new moderators

First of all congratulations to all our moderators who have been appointed as moderators in phase 1. Hope you have no problem to working with us.And if anyone has objections or has any problems or has anything to say, be sure to DM me.And who will be in charge of what work in the community will be clearly informed in the another post later. Until then, if you have any new ideas, let us know in the ideas and feedback channel of the Steem Alliance Community Discord. And of course, you are informed to stay active in the general chat section of Discord.I hope that if anyone asks any question in the general section, you all will maintain the beauty of the community by answering that question correctly.

Thank you all for your support. Let us know in the comment section if you have anything to say. We will be happy to help you.

Again,Congratulations to the moderators. Together we will take this platform to the top. Everyone ready for the blast? ;)

We all have one goal - make Steemit great again.

Hoping for your valuable feedback. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Thank you
Best Regards,



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Congratulations to all selected moderators. Each moderator has a very attentive and competent personality. Always wishing steemit platform success.

Thank you very much for posting the update.

You're welcome.

Congratulations to all selected Moderators. Hopefully you all will contribute for the growth of this platform.

let's make Steemit great

Best Wishes for all of you.

Thank you dear for your well detailed post.

you are most welcome dear.

Thank you very much apu for revealing the names of the moderators who got a chance in the first phase. In my view all those who have been selected are quite capable and fit to the rule. I hope to work with this great team with more enthusiasm and make Steem great again.

Yes, now is the time for all of us to work together.

Thank you very much @nusuranur for this update.

Congratulations to me and other selected moderators 🥳🥳🥳.

I am more than willing to work with the steem alliance team to make steemit great again.

Together we can do this 💪💪💪

You're welcome. Best wishes for you.

!upvote 100

Thank you so much for the trust gave, it is a great honor to be part of the initial team!

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Congratulations to the new moderators, I hope we all work together to promote Steem to the crypto ecosystem and helps in the development of Steemit and it native token (STEEM)

Together we can achieve great things and take the Steem blockchain to the next level...

Thank you @rme for bringing this initiative up and thanks to @nusuranur for posting this update.

Of course, that's why we got together.

thanks for choosing me as one of the moderators in this community. congrats to everyone as well.

Congratulations bro...😇

best wishes for you.

Congratulations to all the selected Moderators.

It's fantastic that we got our official moderators for this awesome community. Now we are moving to a betterment and then more. I am sad I can't get the opportunity to apply for now, but I wish sometime I will.

Wait a minute,
I wanted to share with you a new post, which has been published by me. It's an ongoing problem on platform discussion. Kindly consider checking it out.

Is Steemitblog's post also AI generated
Hopefully you will give five minutes to me. I found many of things, and shared in this post. and this post gaved me another chance to present myself to steemit community 🙂.

hi @growwithme we actually had the same problem as our community steemitphilippines is currently hosting the steemit challenge. I think in my own honest opinion zero gpt pretty much only relies on the parameters of burstiness and perplexity or maybe they set the detectors too sensitive i also saw some obviously some humanly-made articles which still detected by zero gpt so we have discussion to use this detector instead since both zero gpt and gptzero detects even human content, if your sentence have low degree of perplexity and burstiness which would be read as an AI generated content.

Yes I have read and hope you have found the solution to this problem.

I am very thankful for your kind words, and response. Actually my work is done I can't research on a solution for this problem. due to some jurisdictions

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Excellent list of moderators, congratulations to all, especially my friend @alejos7ven who is doing an excellent job on the platform

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for choosing me to be a Mod in the Steem Alliance community 🙏

Congratulations and best wishes for you.

Heres a free vote on behalf of @se-witness.

Thank you very much. Really happy to write my name in this list. I will try to do my best.

let's make Steemit great

Yesss,let's make steemit great again.

Congratulations to all and Congratulations to my friend @lavanyalakshman

Thank you my friend

Thank you sister.

Good start, we will also apply to be a moderator if we have a chance


(Published through Steemit Dapp

It will be announced later.

Felicidades a todos por haber sido seleccionados como moderadores en esta distinguida comunidad.

Es importante el papel que van a desempeñar, por lo que les deseo éxitos y mucha suerte en su función.

Saludos. SLPS

Best wishes to you too.

Can I still apply?

After a few days, the announcement will be given again for the appointment of moderator. Then you can apply.