Dreams are an Illusion Without Real Action

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We all have great desires, great ambitions. Each of us wants to have his empire, a big house, a pool, a car, a yacht, each of us wants to visit beautiful and awesome places on the planet, the point is that most people forget their childhood dreams and we stop dreaming because we don't believe we can make our dreams come true. When we are children we do not feel responsible for reality, for the burden that our parents carry on themselves, when we grow up we see that life is not a fairy tale, that we have to work hard and smart if we want to achieve material success and financial freedom. We start working, we go to work, then we fall in love, our marriage starts, our children, the years go by and we slowly but surely sink into the waves of life that carry us somewhere. In essence, we live within imposed frameworks, these are programs that have become automatic habits and reactions that lead us somewhere, and that is not what we want. First, we need to see the programs, we need to analyze our subtext, what we do automatically and without thinking, and then we need to change the programs. It would be good to read a good book on Neurolinguistic Programming, there you will learn a lot about programs and how to change them. Our dreams need to live, we need to believe in them and make programs that work automatically, that lead us to the realization of our dreams.


Many say I want to achieve that, and then they work the old way, they think the old way, they have the same habits, so it is impossible to do the same without expecting different results. These are emotional connections that trigger automatic reactions to certain situations, we live on autopilot without even realizing why we can't achieve big goals.
Essential changes are those that go from the root, when we change the way we think, when we change reactions to certain situations and emotional stimuli, then we can get rid of the chains that keep us tied to subconscious programs that are mostly made by other people, parents, friends in the course of life.

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Dreams are an Illusion Without Real Action.

This is pure fact. And not until one back up dreams with actions such dreams remain nothing but an illusion.
@dobartim you perform mental surgery through your teachings and those who follow up your teachings certainly get to the top. Much love my steemit father.

See you at the top

Good post


As we grow up, more responsibility is been attached to us and that is why we need more money and the money can only come when are hardworking and dedicated.

Smart and persistent work

I agree with @dobartin :

"Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life."


Amazing, our life is in the hands of steemit


In your hands

This piece conveys to all that cares the irreducible truth that in our conscious actions lie the accomplishment of those great aspirations.

Thank you Sobatim for this masterpiece. So edifying.

Welcome to Steemit

Thanks sir. Its a great honor to be on steemit especially in this your community where great minds are domiciled.

I hope to do exploits like you in steemit.

Theres always no confusion in truth. You have explicitly said it all and to me this is a welcome package for me into this platform.. I consider you friend and I pray the light you've seen, I can be able to get a little glimpse of it.. nice one @dobartim

Thank you very much

totally true friend, sometimes unexpected changes in our lives also influence ...

Very nice scenery and story my brother.

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