Habits are the Sun of Abundance

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Habits are the autopilot program that drives us, the auto drives our actions, our way of thinking, and our success, and leads us to the goal. Building a habit lasts from 21 days to 3 months, the essence is that every month we introduce a new positive habit or replace a bad one with a new one. In 12 months, we can acquire 12 new and positive habits that can change our lives. The feeling that we are winning and achieving our wishes will fill us with positive energy and enthusiasm, it will give us additional strength to make great success in our life. In order to get into the habit of changing, we need to introduce one new habit every month, for the beginning, it can be small changes, in order to gain self-confidence and to continue with bigger changes. Small steps and small victories give great strength to great accomplishments, the point is to defeat ourselves and progress step by step. There is no easy way, quick success, there is a way that we can take and that guarantees us excellent results, it is the building of positive habits.


We are creatures of evolution and change, that is the way we improve and develop, our paths are full of surprises and obstacles and we learn as we go along them.

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It may seem very easy as reading though yet making a change has a lot to deal with cue observations