Laws of Love and Money - The Rich Know How to Love

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How many times have you heard that money is the source of your evil, that money is bad, that money creates problems, these are all programs that have been served to us since childhood, we live them and that is why we can hardly get out of the problem of poverty. Money is not evil, money is a means, money is energy, with money we can help the whole community more, we can open a company and new jobs, we can make a factory for our village and process fruits and vegetables, so that everyone lives more successfully, richer and better yet, we can help treat our children, families, people around us. He who does not want money has never understood it, he will never have it, he who loves money has it, he gets it in abundance. The money comes to those who know what to do with them, it is like a blessing, like a volcanic river and you cannot hold it in your hands, it must continue to flow, to circulate. People who do not share money with others, who are selfish, live in a mentality of scarcity, they think that there is no money and other things in abundance, so they take everything for themselves. If money were distributed evenly to every individual in the world, everyone would receive over one billion dollars. There is no temple, no building, no hospital, there is nothing that is built only out of love, money has always been needed, love and money are like brother and sister. The love of money should not be like avarice, to love money more than people, to spirituality, morality, there is a limit that says that morality and man are above all, we should respect some universal laws.


See what programs you have in your head because someone manages to make money but then spends it on nonsense, it's the same program, let's say the father is a mother and he had a lot of money, so we subconsciously spend money because if we have it it's bad. The daughter has received money all her life only from her father, now that she has grown up she spends all her money, she cannot save and enrich herself, because she sees her husband as a father, he is the one who should provide everything in her life. We all grow and learn life lessons, business lessons, everything is given for us to grow and improve, everyone can make success and raise their level of awareness, so there is time that you need to use wisely.

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Money is not bad, bad is not working to get it, bad is having an abundance and not investing and helping our neighbors.

Donation only makes people lazy, knowledge should be given to everyone and those horses have knowledge when they change it will never be poor again.

Money understand all language, lockdown is over but problems will continue and that is we need to make more money.

Be persistent

Words of wisdom, really incredible


Your welcome

To make money is good and better when we use to better those around us. Also giving people money without encouraging them to work and save money is not good. The concept of training the male child to be the breadwinner of the family is good but things have changed the female children are doing great today in all fileds of endeavour and should be encouraged to depend on their ability. The worlds of @dobartim crowns it all

The daughter has received money all her life only from her father, now that she has grown up she spends all her money, she cannot save and enrich herself, because she sees her husband as a father,

It is even more important to know that we are grateful, when we get something, maybe it is not enough to take care of our whole life, maybe our salary is not enough to buy a new apartment, house, computer, but when we are sincerely grateful for what we have, for what we are received then other doors of success open which show us the way of abundance.

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Showing gratitude
is a virtue and only a few possess it.

You couldn't have said it better than you have. The idea that money is evil has been ingrain into our minds from childhood yet we fail to realize that it is a means of happiness.

Change your way of thinking and you will change your life.

Money is indeed a problem solver….even the poor has to lie before he can get it …our world today is being controlled by the power of money….we need not to be selfish just as you rightly said…Thank you for making us think right…

The world is controlled with the human psyche and character, people who do not want to change cannot even be independent.

exactly well said @dobartim

Totally true dear friend, money is a means to achieve goals and materialize dreams in our lives, unfortunately in the world there are people whose power and ambition have made them sick and they use it to destroy and harm others but we must be very clear about who does the damage, and it is not precisely the money, they are simply people who obtained the money but unfortunately they did not have good intentions or objectives for humanity, greetings

When I don't have it, I can't give it either, the point is that everyone comes out of poverty of spirit, intelligence, emotions, money.

@dobartim this your post makes alot of sense to me. Most people can't get out of poverty because of the mind set they had in the beginning. Because of the negativity their parents or friends implanted on their minds during their early day growth. If they can change their way of thinking, they will see for sure that everything is build because of money. Schools, hospitals, churches are build with the help of money. Without money, this facilities can't be easily equipped.A community cannot be developed without money.
For those against this post should rethink. They should try and change their way of thinking for a better life for sure.
Thank you so much @dobartim for sharing with us this great post.
#twopercent #cameroon

The point of the story is that love is a universal category, when you love people, when you love money, when you love knowledge, when you love God, then you are blessed with a beautiful life.

Yes thank you

Nice write up
Thanks for sharing your knowledge

You are welcome

True Sir, We have to work hard for money for us to survive in this world.

Smart work

Its true Sir. I am always inspired of your wisdom.

Uang tidak jahat, jahat atau tidak adalah hasil perbuatan dari pelaku kriminal yang tak menggunakan akal sehat. Mendapatkan uang melalui usaha.. Bila sudah banyak, tak salah mendonasikan kepada orang yang memang membutuhkan, atau/ dan ke @steem-amal. Ini sekedar sharing aja, Hi..hi...hi. Maaf, bila boleh saya saran, saya melihat paragraf agak panjang, alangkah baiknya mungkin sekitar 8 baris jadi satu paragraf sehingga lebih mudah dibaca. Bagaimana?

English please

Ok, I Have translated it. Tq

I heard many times that money turn us into bad and inconsiderated people. Money do not change people, if you are an asshole with money, it means you were always an asshole at the core, you just pretended not being one while being poor. Money is just a tool, and it should be seen that way.

Welcome to Steemit

Thank you

Me, I believe money will serve and work for me not me toiling for it all the days of my life...NO. word of wisdom. Thanks for the post

Depite the the fact that money is a mean and a source of energy, it can also be discript as a stranger. Cus you have it today and tomorrow you are no more. And that is why i think they say a man's life does not consist in the abundance of possession he has but rather his people. This last statemen support your ideology to why some would spend it wisely in business and in people. Thanks prof

You are welcome