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Open the season of the offer to the beautiful ladies, pay the price for success and open the door of paradise in the land of abundance. An extraordinary character with manners of angels realizes imagination at all levels of happiness and joy, emotions celebrate victory on the throne of a love adventure.


Set the waves of mind to eight octaves of musical abundance, and make a passage through magical thoughts as you float on the wings of dreams. You are more than emotions and more important than passion, you are pure love with a sense of justice.

At the edge of success is the fortress of passion with which the play of the rich mind, the entertainment program fulfils the time of unforgettable challenges that capture the time that passes. Philosophy does not go into the practice of life that has become very fast, you stand on the window of consciousness and look at the landscapes of emotional reality.

The ocean rests romantic meetings on the back of calm waves, spirituality and material freedom seek new paths to the ultimate goal of happiness. I imagine a walk with your magic of smile, every step is the abundance of joy I get from your proximity.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/beautiful-girl-smiling-da-young-1274051/

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